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    During the half term, me and my children tried to get out as much as we could and I had to take them to sealife in London for the day, I booked our tickets online as it worked out a little cheaper and prepared for a fun little day in London.

    Before I used to shy in fear about taking my litter into London, but I’ve developed a little but of confidence and really wanted to get them to experience some of the wonderful tourist locations in our capital city. costing around £120 for the five of us, which I ordered a family ticket as it did indeed work out a lot cheaper as I said, we set the day for the Thursday.

    Getting there was nice and easy, the plan was to get the train to Liverpool Street train station and make the walk there, which wasn’t a bad walk, I did take the push chair purely for tired legs and for somewhere to put all the coats and lunches, on the walk to sealife we stopped beside the river and had our much needed lunch that I had packed for them and Matt showed them around a pier that sticked out by the river which was a pretty good photograph opportunity and Kai did take his phone with him for that reason.

    This was also the first time my partner met my children, deciding on an outing to be more ideal rather than have him come to their home, I am going with a nice and slow introduction, I don’t want to move him in within the first week of them meeting him because that’s not fair and I’m not hiding him away from them only to spring it onto them that we are already living together. beautifully my children are amazingly accepting and welcoming and despite first nerves they did warm up to him a little, and I explained to Amelia that Matt is more nervous because there is three of them and only one of him which my children found pretty funny, Kai was happy to talk games with someone and Robin, well she’s a mummys girl so I expect her to take a little longer to accept someone else sharing mummy.

    Once we got over to the Southbank and past The London Eye, the heavens opened, I knew it was going to rain a little bit but honestly the downpour that occurred was both annoying and funny at the same time, we arrived at sealife just in time as they started accepting our time-slots, we jumped into the long line of soggy people and swiftly got inside. which is a blessing for ordering tickets online!

    Sealife is a great place to take the children, its not only completely full of beautiful fish and other aquatic creatures but because it was half term it was also full of things to do, Amelia had lots of fun with these games and eve got to touch a starfish to which she described as ‘gross’. One of our favourite spots of Sealife is the jellyfish section, Robin enjoyed all the lights and ran around following the jellyfish lights on the floor along with the penguins and of course the tiny little clownfish which everyone thought was delightful.

    There is one big area which has lots of flat fish, stingrays and smaller fish, its an open top area but there are plenty of signs not to touch, one of the rays decided to do a little dance for us which was cute, and trying to show the children all the flat fish that sat hidden in the sand.

    As you walk through you, you enter different areas of the world which is marked out on maps throughout the sealife centre, the rainforest part was also pretty amazing with a trail of ants going around in a tube above our heads, interactive places that you can stand inside and watch insects and fish and even a giant (fake) anaconda that you have to find!





    Once we left sealife, it pops out almost perfectly to Namco Funscape which is where Kai mainly wanted to go, so we all went for something to eat and wasted lots of money on the gaming machines for the rest of the day finally leaving as the sun went down.

    We really had such a lovely day, and I am so glad I did the ‘first meeting’ like this, despite the nerves it was a really good day out and I am so glad I got to treat my children and show them London and they definitely want to head back there again to see the fish, and with the fact that Sealife are putting in new exhibitions I will be taking them in the future.

    Have you ever been to the Sealife in London?


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    1. March 2, 2020 / 3:09 am

      This place sounds like a fun place to take kids to, or even adults! I’ve never heard of SeaLife but it sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

      cabin twenty-four

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