March 2, 2020

Goals for March 2020 // Lifestyle

What can I say? I am a terrible person when it comes to completeting goals. February came and went and I barely had time for anything besides being a parent and house work, which is my daily life in general but I still managed to read some books (I have a review coming up soon of one) and while my DA didn’t go up it didn’t go down either so I am considering that a win win.

March is a little bit more of a hectic month with mothers day, various PTA events that I am helping with and my sons 10th birthday so you can imagine that there isnt much room for Sarah time this month but no matter.

Here are my goals for March 2020

W o r k  m o r e  o n  m y  b l o g – Simple and easy, i’ve slacked a little bit with this but I have got so many ideas to share with you, I am forever writing down post ideas and I want to do more personal posts and information posts along with my usual reviews and adventures, hopefully I can find time to do this.

P u t  m o n e y  a s i d e – I am preparing for the big C this early in the game but last Christmas was an expensive one with iPhones and many wonderful toys I got for my children, I want to make next year just as special and fun and saving up is what I hope to do.

B e  m o r e  o r g a n i s e d – what can I say? i’m useless, my memory is terrible and I tend to forget things, id forge my head if it wasn’t screwed on, I have been using my phones calendar a lot more for PTA so I want to make sure to use it in my every day life.

B a k e  m o r e – Amelia loves it when we cook together and I want to cook and bake more cakes with her, however I am not sure if she just enjoyed helping me lick the bowls clean ha.


There are my goals for this month, not many but as I said, March is a crazy month for me, hopefully April will be a bit more time friendly.

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4 responses to “Goals for March 2020 // Lifestyle”

  1. Kayleigh Zara says:

    Baking more is such a lovely goal, I really hope you manage to, and it would be great to see some recipes on your blog! Thanks for sharing x

  2. It is good to have some goals to work towards. I am really trying to do more work on my blog too x

  3. Fizz says:

    Life just gets so busy sometimes that the month seems to fly by! I like the look of your March goals, best of luck with achieving them!

  4. Kim says:

    I was just saying that I was terrible person when it comes to completing my goals too! But that’s not true for us, at least we know we have goals and we try to meet them! Your March goals are almost similar to mine!

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