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    World Book Day is something everyone seems to enjoy, from dressing up as your favourite characters to learning and reading brand new books, its a wonderful way to get children to read and have fun. I remember when I worked at a school I was shocked to find that no one did it but now I am a mother I am fully prepared to get my children involved. and involved we shall

    Viking kindly gifted me a big box of goodies to get creative for World Book Day this year, in the box was different coloured card, stamps, ink, some pieces from books and other wonderful things. I decided to ask my daughter Amelia for help with this as she is a big reader and crafter so naturally she was excited to be able to create something from one of her favorute books, she chose Fastest Pony Ever as her book to craft from and I let her decide what she wanted to do.

    Using the letter stamps and ink she decided to create the front page of the book and make it into a little poster for her bedroom wall, she really enjoyed using this to make letters and words and was quickly getting the hang of making sure that the letters lined up correctly and was spelt correctly.

    Using the cards provided she enlisted my help to cut out things as she is left handed and I’ve yet to get a left handed pair of scissors, keeping with the art style of the book she created simple trees for the background with the sharpie pen provided and made the book cover into a very simplistic piece of art work that reminded me of the cartoons she watches on Boomerang and I assisted her with the drawing and cutting out of the pony which we used some of the book pages.

    Yes I am aware I cannot draw ponies!!

    This craft project was so much fun to do, Amelia and I bonded together to create something unique to her, and its wonderful to be able to do something other than buy a costume for world book day. being able to make and create a scene or even the front cover of your favourite book is another level of the importance of World Book Day and its main goal to get children’s heads out of their computer and into a book that they love and enjoy.

    We however are a very bookish family, my children adore to read and be read too so there never is a battle to get them to sit down next to me and enjoy a book and being able to enjoy creating is another aspect of the joy of reading and as you can see from the completed image that Amelia made, she very much adores her book.

    Are you doing any craft projects for this years World Book Day?

    *Items were gifted to me for review purposes only, all thoughts and opinions are my own, I was not paid to promote these products or services.
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