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    When the 15-year-old Lady Anne Clifford’s father died in 1605, she was his sole surviving child and expecting to inherit the Cliffords’ great northern estates. But the Earl of Cumberland leaves a will which ignores an ancient law and bequeaths the lands to his brother, in the belief that a prophecy by his great-grandfather will eventually come true and return the estates to Anne. She and her mother vow to contest the will.

    Anne spends the next three decades battling for what she believes is rightfully hers. She risks everything by opposing her beloved husband, her family and friends, the nobility, the law courts, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the King. She steadfastly (and treasonably) refuses to accept the King’s decision, whatever the consequences, but is defeated and left with the prophecy as her only hope.

    Widowed at thirty-four, she survives an anxious period alone with her two young daughters before surprising everyone with an ill-judged second marriage which gives her access to the highest in the land. But the Civil War destroys that power and confines the 52-year-old Anne to a grand palace in London for six years. Still convinced of her rights, will she ever attain “ye landes of mine inheritance”?

    W h a t   I  T h o u g h t

    This wasn’t something I expect myself to enjoy, I usually stay away from historical fiction due to what movie directors do to movies but I was pleasantly surprised at this book. what I think was fantastic about this book is that the writer, Christine Raafat took someone from history and brought her story into the modern world, I for one didn’t know who Lady Anne Clifford was until I read this book and did some reading of my own and found her story to be compelling and fascinating.

    Being from a time when women weren’t exactly considered to be strong and intelligent and to simple be just a wife and mother it truly gave you a sense that despite the setbacks you can do and achieve what you set out to do in life and I am so glad I got the opportunity to read and share this book to you.

    With what Christine Raafat did with this book, I am sure that no one who reads it will forget Lady Anne Clifford anytime soon.

    I recommend you pick this book up and give it a read yourself, its available via amazon


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