• Cat Food Through the Letterbox // Blink! // Review

    Always on the look out for new meals and delicious cat food for my fur babies, I decided to give blink a try. Blink! is not only a wonderful brand that offers proper meaty meals for your cats but also a 4 weekly subscription service to help provide these healthy meals to your cat.

    The real question is, why is Blink so special? well it removes any of the junk out of the cat food you can usually buy in shops, there are so many amazing companies out there that create healthy meals for dogs and the fact that there is now a company that offers the same thing but for cats is just wonderful. All the pouches of food are made with 100% food not to different from what us humans will eat at dinner time.

    No junk just pure meat, which we all know are what our cats bodied can digest and handle, Atlas my domestic shorthair kitten is obsessed with human food, if you leave out the butter he will go and attempt to eat it and the amount of times i’ve found him stealing some of the childrens food has been funny and because my mainecoon Loki has a unique stomach and can only eat a dry diet I wanted to add some wet food into Atlas’ diet, having previously experienced a cat getting kidney stones due to the all dry food diet I had them on.

    Atlas is a big fan of tuna, whenever I cook tuna pasta for dinner I will often drain out the ‘tuna juice’ from the tin into a bowl for him to drink up so I know his stomach can handle a more rich diet, popping some into a bowl he devoured it within minutes, he tried and loved the Fish and Roast Chicken pouch which if I am brutally honest doesn’t sound like an appetising mix of meats but who am I to judge? I am not Atlas!

    Why Blink?

    Cats blink slowly as a sign of trust, anyone who’s got a cat themselves will notice that cats close their eyes whenever you softly speak to them, stroke them and even when you are walking around the house and they follow you about. Your pet will love you so why not love them back with healthy real meals that are not full of rubbish but real meat and fish.

    Like us as well, all these tasty (I assume tasty seeing as I haven’t tried them myself) pouches of love are cooked in a kitchen and made with high quality ingredients no different to what you can buy at your local shop.


    If you are interested in trying Blink pouches yourself they offer a trial box, which comes next day through your letterbox and holds eight pouches, two of each to try out and decide if Blink is for you. Atlas has shown me that he loves these yummy meals and I am definitely going to continue getting them for him so he can have something different next to his usual crunchy biscuits.

    It is always good to spoil the fur babies in our lives and I recommend giving Blink a try!


    *I paid for these with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own, I was not paid to promote this product or brand.
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    1. July 11, 2021 / 2:19 pm

      Blink sounds like a great cat subscription – my cats are extremely fussy tho 🙈

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