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    I always make a comment that these months fly by, February did thats for sure and not because it only had 29 days, it just felt like a busy mad month that I didn’t get time to do anything I had planned to do. Last months favourites got me inspired to cook and create. This months favourites are all about what I decorate my home with, not that I am going with themes or anything its just I am very aware that this month all my favourites are from my home decor.


    H o u s e  P l a n t s – I have developed a thing for house plants, I have a smallish collection of them around my home and my personal favourite is my monstera which sits proudly on my windowsill, it has been attacked by a small cat but other than that its thrived and is growing new leafs frequently. I also have two orchids which I have yet to murder, a snake plant that doesn’t require any care whatsoever (the perfect plant for plant murderers) and this other plant that I got from Lazy Flora which I am not entirely sure what it is but it looks pretty. I am hoping to add a beautiful peace lily to my collection and a rubber tree plant because I think they look epic.

    F u n k o  P o p s – I have a smallish collection, like my plants I started with one, well two, and it started to grow from there, the day I got my first two I was talking with a friend about how I simply didn’t understand them and in the same sentence I saw Elton John pops and brought them then and there, they all sit nicely on my faux fireplace, yes I know out of their boxes but I lack space and think they look miles better like that.

    P h o t o  W a l l – I have always wanted a family photo wall, I take photos all the time and wanted to get them up on the wall along with some school photos and some artwork as well, The artwork I have at the minute is by Dorkface Creates which you should check out and I will of course be adding more photos onto my wall as the years go on.

    D e h u m i d i f i e r – In my home, like all homes in Harlow, there’s an issue with damp, and with two asthmatic children I decided to invest in a dehumidifier to help with it and honestly its amazing, I got it off Amazon and its not the most expensive one out there but I am so glad I got it, the amount of moister its sucked out of the air is incredible and I am going to get more for the rest of my house. I have definitely noticed a difference. I highly recommend you get one for your house if you also deal with damp spots and condensation.


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    1. March 30, 2020 / 6:29 pm

      Great decors. Those funko pops are cute! And a photo wall is always great – I’ve been meaning to do that to my place too!

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