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    How many times have you sat down and didn’t know what to write about? I often get this sort of writers block when i’ve had a good streak if ideas and I feel im out of them all. So I decided to create a little list for myself and for you to use as ideas on what to write when the brain fog floats in.

    1. Talk about your bed time routines
    2. Write about the shopping hauls
    3. Take time to review children’s products
    4. Share your parenting fails
    5. Read the news and write your opinion on it
    6. Write your children’s birth story
    7. Share your children’s funny stories
    8. Visit a local play area and write about it
    9. Share your family recipes
    10. Talk about the family pets
    11. Home Decor tips for families
    12. If your a single parent, dating tips and tricks
    13. Easy hairstyles for children and toddlers
    14. Share your greatest parenting moment
    15. Do some crafts and share the process
    16. Gift guides
    17. Always carry your camera and post a weekly photo of the week
    18. Share money saving tips
    19. Easy makeup tips for parents
    20. Share how you keep organised
    21. Talk about your past holidays and memories
    22. Write an open letter
    23. Share your co sleeping stories
    24. Review a restaurant with the children giving their opinion of it
    25. Review a book together
    26. Do a house tour
    27. Do a weekly or monthly roundup of your instagram
    28. Interview your child, see what funny things they say
    29. Rainy day activities
    30. Keep an eye on local events to visit and write a post about them
    31. Visit free places in your town and write about the experience
    32. Fancy dress ideas
    33. Share ten things you’ve learnt since becoming a mummy
    34. Interview another mum
    35. Vlog once a week and upload to youtube
    36. Share your favourite ‘me time’ activities
    37. Share your tattoos and talk about why you got them
    38. Tips on how to make school run less stressful
    39. Things you’ve learnt while being a single parent
    40. Things you didnt know about me
    41. Set up a Q and A and answer on the blog
    42. Interview your own mother
    43. Names you liked but didnt use
    44. Why you chose your childrens names
    45. Share a post on your childrens birthdays, talking about what you’ve learnt during their year
    46. celebrate your blogs milestones
    47. Whats in my changing bag
    48. share your top five favourite family films
    49. Blog about family dinners and events
    50. Looking back at old photos
    51. Life before and after pregnancy, what’s different
    52. Things my children argue about
    53. How to successful parent as a single mother/father
    54. How to prepare your children for primary School/secondary school
    55. tips on dealing with periods in preteens
    56. date nights with your partner
    57. Reasons to love blogging and why you do it
    58. Funniest early morning stories
    59. why you started blogging
    60. Hardest day as a parent and what you learnt from it


    Hopefully some of these will come in handy for you and I know I am going to look back at them myself when I cannot for the life of me think about what to write. Expect some of these to be written about in the near future on my blog and hopefully I will read some of yours too

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    1. Chele
      March 8, 2020 / 10:17 am

      Fantastic tips

    2. March 8, 2020 / 3:25 pm

      great post,

    3. April 7, 2020 / 3:12 am

      This is a great list! Having a list like this on hand is SUPER helpful when you face the dreaded monster known as ‘writer’s block’, isn’t it? I’ll have to share this with the parent bloggrs that I talk to.

      • April 7, 2020 / 9:12 am

        thank you 🙂 I hate having writers block sometimes, gets in the way of good ideas

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