• Where did March Go?


    I know what you are wondering, what exactly happened to me and my blog during march (well probably not), unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past month, or year, March got swallowed up by  by an invisible enemy and honestly. My life stopped dead.

    I had so many ideas to share, write about and do but I honestly didn’t feel like writing anything, I didn’t feel like my content was really important to share, people are stuck inside and they are probably not interested in what a small time parent blogger things of the latest product they got to review.

    I had a lovely mothers day gift guide planned but during the week when I was going to post it, the schools got shut down and as I said, life stopped. I do have a plan to share with you the wonderful product those companies sent me in their own separate posts and social media posts as well, as it seems only fair to those companies but I will slow down a little bit with my content mainly because I am now home schooling my children and my anxiety isn’t good with the stress of what’s going on in the world.

    ..But never mind.. How are you all doing despite all of this?

    Here are some photos my children and I took on one of our daily walks around the local area.


    Keep safe and happy social distancing!

    Sarah x

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