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    Self-care at the best of times is an important aspect of life, we all go through stressful moments but more so at the minute with COVID-19 taking over the headlines and causing fear pretty much everywhere. And it got me not only thinking about my own self-care but what it is exactly that I do to help myself during these times of much needed self time.

    Along with the current situation, I am also a single mother of three children, who now I am having to home school and I can honestly tell you its been a tough time and I’ve relied on plenty of self-care products and activities that have really helped me through my day to day life.

    So thats what I am going to share with you today, a lot of these items are creams or moisturisers that I apply at the end or beginning of the day but they’ve all helped in their own little way to keep my calm, cool and allowed me time to myself to care for myself.

    Self-care Essentials

    Lush Sleepy ~ I have been using this for ages now, since I discovered it in fact, its great for tired mums and the children also love using it after their baths, the smell is so relaxing and lavender is known for its calming benefits.

    The Body Shop mint foot cream ~ As gross as it sound, nobody likes feet, but feet are so important to care for, I adore any product I purchase from The Body Shop but this one I have used every day since I got it, hence why the bottle is pretty much empty now, its made my dry sore feet feel so much better and I adore the smell of mint.

    Bach Rock Rose ~ Bach have a wide range of products that aid with anxiety, I often carry either a bottle of Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy in my bag to help with any stress or anxieties I deal with with when I am out and about, all you need is a few drops into a bottle of water and sip it throughout the day and honestly it has helped me so much.

    Coconut Oil ~ Ah, who doesn’t love coconut oil? My mum originally introduced me to this amazing product, my daughter Amelia gets dry skin on her scalp and I use it for her but I also use it in my nighttime routine when I am going to bed, I rub some over my face and its helped my annoying dry spots on my nose, plus it smells incredible.

    Gaming ~ I dont know if you are aware, but I am a gamer, in my spare time I use my xbox to play games with friend online and its been a great outlet to let of steam and have fun, lately, mainly due to the fact that the new Animal Crossing game has come out, I have been playing the older one on my 3DS XL and on the xbox there is a free Call of Duty battle mode which my friend and I have been playing in the evenings.. I am having to much fun!

    Wax Melts ~ I am much of a candle fan, but lately I have been using wax melts, mainly from Sassy Shop Wax, My self care with them is simply when I am doing my housework, I put one on and allow the beautiful smells to fill the air while I am busy, and then when I finally sit down with my cup of tea, I am calm and contented in a clean house full of relaxing fragrance.

    My House Plants ~ Now, I know these aren’t fancy products but to me they are the biggest piece of self care I have, I love my plants. and this is coming from someone who’s notorious at murdering them.. it all started with an orchid, and now I have three of them, one monstera, one rubber plant, a snake plant, a peace lily and two others I can’t remember the name of, every day I go around, check on their soil and make sure they are healthy.

    I highly recommend getting a houseplant, not only are they great to look after they can help with air quality and its been lovely watching them grow and produce new leafs or flowers.. I am a proud plant mum!


    Hopefully you enjoyed reading about what are my essentials, check out Beth at La Blog Beaute who also shared what her 7 essential self-care items.

    What would you choose as your self-care essentials?



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