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    Home schooling and home education has always been something I wanted to achieve, I pride myself on the knowledge and tricks that I gained from working with children in the past, working in school and my qualification in childcare and early years education but unfortunately it has been a good few years I put that knowledge into practice so I needed a little help.

    Mrs Mactivity is an online resource for home education and teachers to find and print off work sheets and other fun things for the children to do and learn from, I was so grateful that I was given the opportunity to try out what the website had to offer and include it into the daily fun of home ed that the children school have given us.

    The beauty of Mrs Mactivity is that it follows the curriculum so you know that the children in your care are getting the correct education, its set out in the different key stages and into different categories, Maths, English, Topic, to help searching for what you need nice and easy. Created by Heather who herself is a teacher found that looking online for projects and print offs wasn’t so easy and would always been to expensive, which I can completely understand as a stay at home parent with zero income so with the help from a designer, Hayley, they joined together to create a place for parents and teachers alike that is affordable and fun for learning.

    The price to access a year worth of educational print offs, seasonal projects and other things is £19.97 which I personally feel is a wonderful price for what it offers, I have used so many things from this website and have included it into my schedule of home ed.

    I am a firm believer in that education needs to be fun, or the children that are learning will not enjoy it or will get bored of the usual daily schedule, Yes having contact with the school teachers who have shared some of their planned curriculum work to us I also wanted to try and source my own educational work, We’ve done plenty of outdoor activities (Obviously social distancing and following the government guidelines due to COVID 19), plenty of art and painting, science studies that include plant care, growing our own tomatoes, garlic and even trying the onion in a glass of water trick, I have also included these print offs that I have found on Mrs Mactivity into my home ed life and my children have enjoyed every second of it.

    What I have also loved is that it has plenty of things for the youngest of my family to enjoy, while Robin is only three and there for doesn’t need to be formerly educated until she is five, I have printed off lots of pen control, dotted letter guides and other projects for her, she loves writing around the dots and early phonics learning.

    I really do recommend Mrs Mactivity to anyone who wants to home educate their children during this weird time of isolation and the schools being shut, as I have said it has a wonderful resource of information for you to use and help guide children at home and at the price of just under £20 a year, what more can you ask for?

    Lets do our best in this confusing time and help create a fun learning experience for our children!

    Happy Social Distancing



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