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    Disclaimer – This review was meant to include a giveaway but due to COVID19 and not wanting to send out any unnecessary mail I have decided to do a simple review with a giveaway in the future when this is all over. thank you for understanding.

    “I had a conversation the other day with a mum who had recently read the stories to her young daughter.  She told me that, initially, she had been a little wary of raising such difficult topics with her innocent young child.  But, equally, she knew that her little girl would have to face such issues, probably sooner rather than later.  As they describe a fictional situation, the stories had been a relaxed way to introduce the topics and her daughter had engaged with them. She identified with the children portrayed in them and wanted to read them again a few days later, asking a number of questions.  Mum and Dad had felt very relieved that the topics were now ‘on the table’ and indeed the books were now literally on the bedside table to be referred to, when needed.”

    ~ Sarah, Duchess of York

    Helping Hand stories are a collection of short stories about every day life lessons for children, Daisy Learns about Strangers is a story in which a little girl, Daisy goes shopping with her mother only to wander off and discovers she is in fact surrounded by strangers, people she doesn’t know, she experiences loneness and fear but soon finds someone to help her reunite with her mum in the busy supermarket.

    James and the Bullies tells a story of a young boy named James who unfortunately is small for his age and therefor is a little bit of a target for bullies in his school, but he finds the courage to open up to his mother and talk about his issues and together they find ways to solve his problems, I personally love this one as my children and even myself have experienced bullying and opening up to someone to share not only your fears but what’s going on can help anyone overcome them.

    Holly’s first day at School is about Holly’s first day of school, naturally Holly worries about not being around her mum and meeting new people, but thankfully she meets new friends and discovers and learns new things and soon forgets about her fears, this one speaks to me a lot as my youngest will be going into reception in September and while I know she will love it, she’s a mummys girl and I do worry she will get scared.

    These beautiful books are wonderful, written by Sarah Duchess of York and illustrated stunningly by Amit Tayal, I do love how Sarah Duchess of York uses her own experiences as a mother and what her own daughters have experienced growing up, each book covers one topic and at the end of the book there are ten helpful tips for each of the topic to help the parents guide their child through each issue which I think is wonderful.

    You can grab all these beautiful books on amazon and read more about what they are about on The Helping Hands website, I do hope that they release more in the future as they are just a beautiful addition to our reading collection.

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    Disclaimer – I was sent this product for review purposes only, I was not paid to promote this product, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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