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    Not being much of a beauty blogger, I do have my fair share of makeup and beauty products stored away, I do very much love makeup, Not one to spend a fortune on things that go onto my face, a lot of the products I own are the cheaper brands but that doesn’t take away from their ability to be good products that do their job just fine.

    I have pretty much used the same mascara for roughly ten years, obviously not the same bottle but the same brand and style, Big Shot Mascara by Maybelline is hands down the most wonderful mascara I have owned, I adore how the formula covers the eyelashes and creates a somewhat false lash look, since I got some there was no looking back, pretty much alone with eyebrows. As I explained in my post Everyday Brows I explained that my eyebrows are unfortunately very fair and I’ve been using once again another fabulous Maybelline product, Brow Drama in the shade light brown along with the brow pencil.

    Foundation on my face I always start with some coconut oil, its a big staple in my life and it has so many uses, I primarily use it on my skin after I wash my hair because ive noticed that my skin gets extremely dry around my nose and forehead but this has helped me big time and prevented dry skin, I use amazingly not another maybelline product but Loreal infallible 24 hour wear in the shade porcelain I believe along with ELF Camo Concealer which helps hide my god horrid black bags under my eyes that parenting and not getting enough sleep creates and on top of all of that I place a basic bronzer from Poundland and Banana Powder by Bella Pierre Cosmetics  that I got from a glossy box that, yes, does smell like bananas.

    For special events, this is where I go bigger brands, well only one, I have always wanted to own a MAC product and after a trip to Cambridge I fulfilled that goal by getting myself my one and only MAC lipstick, in the shade Velvet Teddy its a lovely shade and I feel personally works well with my skin tones  and smells amazing too, does anyone else like the smell of lipsticks? And for shadow I got this NYX Warm Neutrals palette from last years Glossybox advent calendar and its been my go too shadow palette for whenever I go out and about.

    And to take that all off, I use Garnier Micellar Water, which I discovered when I went away for the weekend and didn’t wake to take makeup wipes, if you haven’t tried this product before I highly recommend you get some and use it, its been very gentle on my skin and removes all makeup without leaving me all panda eyed in the morning.

    There you have it, its not much but these are my every day and special occasion makeup that live in my makeup bag, I am of course on the look out for new and exciting makeup to try out and I will have to say that I am a little bit of a eyeshadow palette collector which I might share in a different post.

    Whats in your makeup bag?




    *All products listed I paid for with my own money, no links are affiliated.
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