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    I think that I have stated many times before that I am a cat mum, a proud cat mum that’s for sure, so one day I was contacted by The Pet Empire to explore and share some of their amazing products that they host, from stunning cat pets and accessories to luxury dog beds and other items too such as feeding bowls, toys and carriers.

    District 70 is designed with luxury and comfort in mind and as our pets tend to spend a lot of their time, 70% in fact in their beds the company decided to go with the name as their beds are their own District too. what I love the most about their products is purely down to the fact that they’re so stylish in they home, gone are the days of gaudy beds and cat trees taking up living space, these lovely beds fit nicely into every day homes and create comfort and style for your pets. I have to admit that I am a little obsessed with the Scandinavian style that the pet I chose has and goes beautifully with a rug I got from la redoute which also boasts stylish pieces of homeware.

    Loki my Mainecoon as claimed this bed for his own, as soon as he is aloud into the front room in the morning he jumps into his bed and stays there for the majority of the day, the bed itself is a good size, him being a mainecoon he is a larger than average cat and fits perfectly inside the bowl part of the bed with the edges supporting his body and keeping him contained without any spilling of his fur and flab out of the edge.

    it fits perfectly into the corner of my front room and I feel really completes my room with how stylish and stunning it looks, its sturdy and made with wooden legs which hold up just fine, even my 4 year old has tried to sit on it without any problems so it can handle a heavier pet if yours weights a bit more than Loki (he’s 17lbs) and I have walked in and found both Loki and my moggy kitten Atlas sitting in there together, albeit fighting of course.

    Not only are these beds stylish and beautiful, District 70 also have a collection of wonderful orthopaedic dog beds that offers great support for your pets as well as once again. looking stylish and beautiful to fit into your home.

    I really do love this bed, as does Loki, and due to the fact that its made with good strong material its going to last for a while and be loved and enjoyed for as long as Loki likes.

    You can find all sorts of wonderful pet products on The Pet Empire and I highly recommend giving it a good browse like I have lately, they also are happy to deliver at the minute as long as its done safely and within the government guidelines for COVID 19.

    The price of course is in the higher range and I am not one to spend a lot of money on pet products unless they are essential but this time I really love this bed, I adore how it looks and Loki loves it too so the price doesn’t really matter for me, his comfort and enjoyment is worth it all and considering the places he usually sleeps are on childrens beds or up at the window in the sunshine, having somewhere to curl up in the evenings somewhere quiet and peaceful is 100% worth it.

    Have you ever splurged a bit on pets like I do?




    *Disclaimer – Products were sent to me for review purposes only, I was not paid to promote this product, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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