• Life after COVID 19 // Personal

    We are now one full month of lockdown, life is strange, which is something I often repeat to anyone at the minute because it is, quite frankly, really strange that now we cannot do the things we did so normally a few weeks ago.

    And it got me thinking about everything I took for granted, everything I did and cannot wait to get back to doing so I wanted to share with you lots of things that me and my children want to get at once this lockdown is over and we have finally kicked covid 19 out of here!


    ~ Visit family

    ~ Meet friends at the park

    ~ Going to the shops together

    ~ Going into London for days out

    ~ Go back to school

    ~ Go to Wild and Wacky

    ~ Have a McDonalds

    ~ Enjoy a drink at the pub

    ~ Watch live bands

    ~ Have my monthly meal with the girls

    ~ Sleep overs

    ~ Visit the beach

    ~ Go to the woods

    ~ Doing the school runs



    I know that last sound super weird to anyone apart from me but there was always something to joyful and fun during the school runs, it got me out and had a routine in the day, and now the days are just squished together and make no sense, I barely know what the day is most of the time.

    it is unfortunately is going to be a very long time before any of things will become normal again but it doesn’t mean we cannot have a little bucket list of things we cannot wait to get back too, I know one of the things I cannot wait to do again and that’s meet up with my friends and have our meal out, one of my friends is expecting her baby soon too.

    what sort of things are you looking forward to for when this lockdown is lifted? are you a little like me and are a bit anxious about when that is all done because being at home as now become such a part o life?

    Whats on your life after covid 19 bucket list?



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