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    In my previous post I shared what we are longing for and cannot wait to do once COVID 19 ends but I thought what more exciting than share with you what we have been getting up to while in lockdown and what fun things we’ve done with homeschooling.

    That one month certainly went buy extremely slowly but my children and I have managed to fill it with fun things, taking our daily walk around the local woods to spot birds and bluebells, and of course cracking on with home schooling.

    H O M E  S C H O O L I N G

    I will be honest, I was a little scared about doing this in the beginning, while I am trained to work with children in the early years setting I was so excited and nervous that I wouldn’t be up to the task, but with the help from Mrs Mactivity and advice, set work and projects from the school teachers, its been a breeze.

    The children have worked through worksheets sourced by myself and via the school and I have also done a few things off my own back such as growing a garlic from a sprouting clove that I found in the cupboard, to attempting to grow strawberries after picking some seeds of our breakfast fruit. its been enjoyable watching these projects grow throughout the weeks and I’m impressed with the garlic which won’t be long til it needs to be repotted and placed into the garden.

    Our walks have been used as education as well, we have found frogspawn in a local pond and also discovered that bumblebees sleep in the grass during winter as there was loads waking up and flying away as we walked through the long grass in the field as well as a cute little garden hunt, we might not have a garden but we managed to use the list during our walk and found more than what was on it, this was part of a little project I set up for Robin and she really enjoyed doing it and discovering new things.

    Also for Robin I got her into writing letters and signing words, sign language is something I always feel children should learn and even adults as its a powerful skill to have, thanks to a few sign language websites Robin can now sign and recognise the signs for ‘Mummy’ ‘Daddy’ ‘Dinner’ ‘Cat’ ‘Bird’ ‘Brother’ and ‘Sister’. I run them by her every day and include more as we go, I am currently trying to get her to understand new name in spelling it out which is slow process but its been a lot of fun to get her to learn them, and with the letters she’s got a book with the dotted pages which she loves to do when the older two are busy with their school work.

    D A I L Y  L I F E

    There is no lie that life has changed, its strange not to see friends and family but so far we’ve managed greatly, I do occasionally see my mum as she helps me get my shopping done and when we go for our walks we will stop and window visit the children’s friends, I have given both children their own phones now to help them talk to their friends and every day that they’re with me they video chat or call their friends, Kai also plays games on the xbox with his friends so im trying by best to keep them communicating with their friends from school.

    Three of us have had birthdays during lockdown, Kai, myself and Robin, Kai’s was right at the beginning of lockdown and while we had so much planned everything got cancelled within that week before the schools closed and I didn’t manage to get his laptop but he got the game he wanted, got money to spend on whatever and I promised him that once this was over we will do his party and he will have his laptop, Robin didn’t really know what’s was going on, she sort of understood but she was kept happy with lots of toys and a cake, I will make sure they both get lots of parties when this is done and dusted.. my birthday? oh I didn’t care about mine..

    I have also been cracking on with working on my small patch of grass outside my home, its small but from the request of Amelia I have been working hard clearing it, getting stones and slabs and digging up the mud to help the soil, its been going good and i’m loving it, which is funny coming from someone with hay fever and not a fan of bug or gross things, i’ve been sharing my progress on my instagram stories, so go check them out!


    Despite all of this, I think lockdown has been great for us, i’ve bonded better with my children as Kai complained he didn’t see me much when he was at school, we’ve done lots of painting, cooking, baking and generally having fun. Teaching them at home as been a task that I am not qualified for but its been a wonderful challenge and has even inspired me to go back into childcare once I can, I always said that I wouldn’t want to work with children when I had them at home but now, I think I can do it.

    Who knows when this is over but I am excited to come out of this stronger and have a better understanding of things.

    Heres to another month of lockdown!!



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