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    We all at some point struggle, find things hard and cannot cope with day to day activities, sometimes we put on a brave face and ‘keep calm and carry on’. but in these times of high stress and quite frankly god horrid times the limit of which we consider breaking point has gotten a little smaller and easier to reach.

    This got me thinking, what do I do when I have reached my absolute limit of how much I can deal with, how do I cope with life when life feels like its at its worst and I wanted to share with you those tips that I use daily, some times I do use more than one a day to help with certain situations and others do their job just fine for the day.

    How I Cope

    Take time out, walking away from a situation is always the best strategy, it helps you calm down and think rationally about what the task ahead is, there is no shame in walking away from a fight, mentally or physically, if you know deep down that you cannot deal with it then it is almost always best to back off, sit down quietly and think to yourself for a moment, of course when I am home alone with three children in tow its often hard to find some space to yourself when one of the three insists on being your shadow but I stop, give her a nice big cuddle and I find even that is a good way to take a little time out.

    Half the jobs, there is only so many hours in the day, some days you feel like the world is against you and has given you hundreds of things to do but very little time to do them in, I find the best way to cope with to many things is to half them, work out the things that need to be sorted as soon as possible and work out the things that can wait a little bit, for an example; I always leave folding clothes and putting washing away at the weekend as that’s the day I know I am free.

    Be prepared to cry, crying is natural, when things do get too much having a quiet cry to yourself releases the strains of what’s going on, sometimes emotional run riot and releasing those emotions by taking the time to focus and cry. I always find that I am much better, more confident and focused once I have shed a few tears as I have gotten rid of that stress that has built up over the course of the week. not saying break down into a utter mess but if something has really  used a great deal of hurt or stress for you then ‘letting go’ really helps.

    Care for my plants, I cannot express how much I love my house plants, looking after them has really changed my life and they have given me nothing but love and beautiful leaves in return, once a week I go around and check their soil, if they need watering I water them.

    Laugh Loudly, a bit like crying, laughing is another one of those things that have helped me cope, watch a funny movie or a stupid cat video on youtube, not only will it make you forget everything that’s going on at the minute, it will also help release some happy hormones into your system making you feel miles better.

    Pet my boys, my lovely cats are a huge support for me, they always spare a moment of their time to sit on my lap and purr my worries away, having a pet of any kinds can do wonders for your mental health. I have even considered getting a dog once I move to a bigger place so I would get out more and improve my mental health, but for now, my lovely mainecoon Loki and my adorable Atlas are keeping me company and happy.


    There are so many more smaller things that I fill my day up with that has helped me cope with social distancing and the whole general life at the moment thing, but I wanted to share you a few of the things I do that really help me and could possibly help others too.

    What sort of things do you use to help you cope with everything tough?



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