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    There has been strange things going on at the minute, for one thing we are all stuck in doors with not a lot to do besides drink a lot and moan about being stuck indoors, and then there is Animal Crossing New Horizon!

    Animal Crossing New Horizon came to us at a time of need, beautifully distracting us from the horror of the world and keeping us all pretty much sane during all of lockdown. Released to the world on the 20th March 2020 and onto the Nintendo switch and its smaller counterpart the Switch Lite, it seemed to have united a collection of people into sharing recipes, flowers and other things that you can find in the game.

    I think one of my favourite things that has come out of New Horizon being released has simply been the amount of people who have never gamed at all in their life, pick up the new game and a new switch for themselves and joined a world of already crazy animal villager lovers.

    Mind the Plants!!

    I won’t bore you with all the details of the game because lets face it, it has been out for a little while now and this isn’t a review but a commentary of what is so wonderful about the game and how its community has grown over the course of a month of it being out. You of course have your own island, you along with Tom Nook and his nephews Timmy and Tommy begin to create and design your island to attract other animal villagers to it, the goal for the most part is to gain 3 stars and attract Tom Nooks favourite singer K. K. Slider who’s albums you can buy every single day.

    I have played New Leaf which was released onto the Nintendo DS series and I was looking forward to this new instalment of the game series, this game was going to be the only reason why I would ever own a switch as I didn’t see the need for it..

    Oh how I was wrong…

    I didn’t get the game on launch, in fact it was my son who got the game first as it was for his birthday, having watched and played along with him Amelia then joined the ranks as I got her, her own copy along with my own and my Switch Lite in grey. (it was the cheapest option as by the time I ordered it, the original one was exponentially more expensive than what I was willing to pay) and once it arrived I was getting into cleaning, collecting and having fun.

    The great thing about it, which is now me attempting to get to my point, is that how many people play it, the amount of custom designs that are about for you to use once you get the Able Sisters and there is a custom design app on your NookPhone to create things with such as your own flag, i’ve spent many hours sitting on the animal crossing reddit and other reddit pages dedicated to this game, finding funny tidbits and other creative custom designs from incredible people who offer all this for free.

    They share fan art of their favourite villagers and talk about who they want and don’t want and moan about the fact they cannot find the fish they need..

    One other thing, which I think is the main thing about this game that’s become the greatest thing about it, is simply how much of a time killer it is, it reminds me a little of Minecraft or any other building game where you just sit down and design, I have now worked on making my island look beautiful with those custom design flowers and patterns, it is so relaxing to sit there and work away at your island and make it look lovely for your own.

    There are some aspects of the game that i’ve found a little annoying, mainly when you go hit a rock and suddenly you’ve made a hole next to it, more irritating when you’ve already hit the rock and there is time limit for how many times you can hit said rock before it runs out but its honestly such a sweet fun game that i’ve enjoyed playing with my children, which has been one of the main reasons why I got it for myself so we could all play together and visit each others islands.

    One thing I should say is you need to experience it, the joy of going onto the game every day and finding fossils to give to Blathers who runs the museum, decorating an island how you want and just genuinely having a good time with Mr Tom Nook.

    You can find Animal Crossing New Horizons at any place that sells games and also as a download from the Nintendo store on the switch itself, you can also download the Nintendo app on your phone so you can use special QR codes to add even more custom content to the game. I’m so exited to see what else is to come for this game and I am even more excited to see the seasons change as I play.



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