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    I love lush, and since we’ve been stuck inside Ive missed the ability to go to a store and grab some beautifully scented bath products. thankfully Lush is delivering orders placed online so of course I had to place an order, I shared before what I got from them in a previous haul post and I always enjoy sharing what I treated myself too.

    And what better than having a lovely Lush order apart from getting the chance to share with you what I got in a little haul post, little isn’t the world I would describe this of course, but I know a lot of people love seeing and hearing about bath and beauty products so here we go.

    B A T H  B O M B S

    Not being the biggest bath bomb lover, recently Ive started to really enjoy them, I am somewhat addicted to watching bath cocktail cuttings and mixings on instagram so I tend to add a bath bomb to an already bubbly bath to create a further mix of fun in the tub. The bombs that I picked are all a complete mixture, I wanted to find some that my children could enjoy so naturally I picked up the fun ROAR!, Ickle Baby Bot, Turtle which is a jelly bomb and the Rose Butterfly as I know these will get used and loved during bath times and for myself in the bath bomb department I picked up Twilight for its calming Sleepy scents, Strawberries and Cream and Peachy which I both smelt the last time I went into a Lush and loved them but didn’t buy them.

    B U B B L E  B A R S

    Bubble bars is where I am most comfortable, back when I made my first ever lush purchase I wanted bubbles rather than bombs and I was so happy that they make these lovely things, I picked up my personal favourites along with a few different ones i’ve never tried before. I am all for bubbly sparkly baths that make you think you are in some magical human soup. I went with Peach Crumble which actually is a bubbleroom, Brightside, Unicorn Horn, Creamy Candy which I stand by the best thing you can find that is similar to the seasonal Snow Fairy and a little Lady Bird for my Miraculous Ladybug fan who I know will love this one.

    To top it all off I also got myself some hand and body cream, Dream Cream, the last body lotion that I picked up from Lush was Sleepy which was a very long time ago and caused a bit of a big deal in the parenting blogger community about being this magical cream that could help aid your children to sleep better, I dont know about them but I felt a lot more relaxed after covering myself in Sleepy after a nice bath.

    Dream Cream feels wonderful on my skin, i’ve used it mainly on my hands at this time and I have felt that my hands have been less dry and smooth. I always recommend people to try the creams from Lush as I feel their formula is always top notch and good quality. I am definitely going to add more creams and lotions from their stock to my little (ha ‘little’) Lush collection in future.


    What’s your favourite lush product? Did I order something you wouldn’t normally order?



    *Disclaimer – links are not affiliated, I paid for these products with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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