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    Another month down being at home being in lockdown, social distancing and being off school, Lockdown has changed a lot since the first time I wrote about being at home, some of them for the better and some not so much so I wanted to run through all the things we’ve done and felt during this second month.

    M E N T A L  H E A L T H

    Surprisingly doing well, we all seem to be doing very well during this second month, I am the queen of being at home even when I an told not too so finding things to do to pass the time when I do not have the children has been pretty easy. I’ve been playing a lot of Call of Duty and Animal Crossing New Horizons, read a few books and of course worked on my blog a bit. its been rather liberating to not have to go outside for more than a walk or a trip to the woods for a walk.

    The children have enjoyed being at home, they seemed to love the idea of daily walks and school work, which ill get onto in a minute, all in all im both surprised and confident that despite making sure that when we see any of the children’s friends when out and about on our daily walk that they aren’t at all majorly effected by it all. They of course understand they need to keep away, the older two are far more willing than the youngest who is of course 4 and desperately wants to play with local children and her friends when we see them.


    Ive kept them happy by making little visits to their friends homes and let them chat from doorsteps or windows and I feel its boosted their moral a little, they do express they are a bit nervous about schools reopening but their years won’t be returning for a little while and Robin’s preschool is now closed until September which means she won’t get to say goodbye to her friends and teachers before starting primary school (whenever that will be).

    H O M E  S C H O O L I N G

    Home schooling has been going swimmingly, since week two or three of lockdown the teachers have uploaded curriculum work onto the website for us to follow but like last time I have been using sourced material myself which the children have loved, we’ve used Mrs Mcativity and ive recently signed up to Twinkl which i’ve noticed is what the teachers all uses to find work as well as creating my own fun things to do, Right as I write this it is currently half term so things have relaxed a bit but we are now studying about butterflies that we got from Insect Lore, I hope to write a post about our experiences with this fun little biology project.

    Robin has been learning more sign words which has been a fun thing to do, she’s also really into paw patrol so ive been finding and printing off colouring in pages for all the characters, as she is 4 and doesn’t formally need to be educated until she’s at least 5, however I have been doing numbers and letter forming which has been ongoing since lockdown.

    D A I L Y  L I F E

    Life hasn’t changed much since my last update, we are just riding with the times and having fun at home, however since the lockdown has been lifted slightly we have gone out a little more, I got some fun water guns to get them outside a lot more since the weather has been consistently sunny and warm.

    I have continued to care for my garden, preparing to get some new grass seeds down and have purchased some flower seeds and plants but not much has changed in that department, I have continued to share these things on to my instagram under my stories named ‘Garden’ so if you want to see what I’ve been up too then that’s a good place to visit and see.


    We are all anxiously waiting for when we can all return to normal, but once again these times have been so much fun to just bond with my children and while they do need to go back to school, I am going to miss teaching them and enjoying my time with them.



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