• Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020

    Fathers day 2020 is once again upon us, and with this year being the unusual time to celebrate I thought I would share with you some wonderful fun things to give to your dad, or perhaps get the children to give to their dad for the special day.

    I need to start this post with funny stories and share with you what I often do for fathers day, very similar with mothers day, I forget it. My dads birthday is in the same month as fathers day so more often than not I’m so preoccupied with what to get him for his birthday that before I know it Fathers Day has bypassed me and im in a rush at to what to get him. WELL not this year that’s for sure, I am prepared and ready to spoil him rotten for both of these days. While due to COVID19 he is currently at home isolating as he unfortunately is part of the high risk category, he not long before lockdown occurred had a heart operation and has a certain heart issue called Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and therefor needs to stay safe and while I did briefly get to see him at the weekend and are now planning some meet ups while we social distance at the local playing field. I am not ready to spend a day with him just in case.

    So I wanted you share with you some fun things that you can share with your father on this fathers day that he can enjoy and love.

    Having just graduated over to a smart phone I figured my dad would find the PhoneHug useful, I have one of these myself albeit a cheaper version from amazon but I used it a lot when I went into London, its such a handy little accessory that is great if you like taking photos with your phone and get tired of searching through your pockets to dig it out, now you can carry it around your neck and its in easy reach for photos and calls when needed, perfect for an active lifestyle and along with an active lifestyle you’ve got to consider your diet as well, and this is where Skinny Sauce coming in sweet or savoury flavours that you can add to your breakfast, lunch and dinner, they taste amazing (yes we’ve tried them) and accompanied by the fun funky packaging is something dad can love.. more so for his breakfast in bed you loving made him!

    Coffee is another thing that my dad loves, and who cannot love ground coffee to create that perfect delicious scented delights of Cafepod, coming in the little capsules for machines or in a ground form (we got the ground coffee). it not only smells amazing but tastes wonderful too in different strengths depending on your tastes and even decaf which is a plus if you love coffee but not the caffeine, along the same lines as good smells, Lynx, yes, THE Lynx of school discos now have their own car air freshers which I had no idea they did, all in in the classic scents you will remember, they are well build and secure perfectly into the car and its really something that I didn’t realise I needed. but if your dad is more of a traditional type folk then this amazing mens fragrance from Bronnley is more up their street. the bottle is so tactile being that its glass and its got a scent that apparently reminds my mum of her uncle, a unique and very nostalgic scent for the less boy and more man of your life.

    But of course, how could we forget hygiene, Below the Belt as the name suggests is all about the balls, I have seen these everywhere at the minute (no not balls) and have been extremely curious as to what it was, male hygiene ‘below the belt’ is often overlooked but lets face it men are human too and things can get a little sore and smelly. I can see this is more of a younger dad product but I am sure my dad would also get a good laugh from them.


    I am of course hoping that I get to see my dad for fathers day so I can hand over some goodies to him as well as a card and a socially distancing hug and I hope you all can do the same, next year is going to be a better year for everyone and hopefully goodbye to that nuisance COVID19!



    *Disclaimer – I was not paid to promote these products, I am not getting any money if you click links. all thoughts and opinions are my own

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