• Why I Support Big Cat Rescue.

    I have been thinking about writing this post for a little while now, and as I sat down the other day on my phone reading I decided to, for the first time since I discovered Big Cat Rescue, donate and support them.

    I first learnt of the Florida based sanctuary from youtube, I don’t completely remember what video I watched but from that moment when I saw these beautiful and unfortunately abused animals live much happier lives at the safe hands of Carol Baskins and her volunteers, I was hooked at learning more about them and supporting them.

    We’ve all heard of Big Cat Rescue now thanks to a shameful and god horrible lie of a Netflix documentary but if you actually take the time to read about them and understand what exactly is the lie then you will see deep down that yes, these animals are indeed in cages but compared to the abuse that the infamous ‘Tiger King’ placed upon these amazing animals then you could see that they are only putting the big cats first.

    The whole purpose of Big Cat Rescue is simply that they rescue, care for and love wonderful animals that haven’t had the best start in life, some of the big cats in their care have been stuck in tiny concrete ‘cells’ on road side zoos, some are from private owners who then realise that this cute little cub they buy is far to big for them and end up being sold on to be murdered and used in the fur industry, The size of the enclosures that the big cats and little wild cats currently live in are far larger than many would expect.

    if you follow them on social media they are always uploading ‘cage tours’ in which they walk around the area of ONE animal and show you exactly how much space these cats have to themselves. I know we’ve all seen this image of the beautiful Joseph Lion in his lockout eating his dinner and gasped in horror at the size of his apparent cage, the lockouts are there for feeding, the animals do not spend their whole lives inside that cage and it honestly bothers me when people who rant about Carol AND Big Cat Rescue about this, it isn’t hard to research and read up what exactly is going on and from my standpoint, BCR are extremely transparent when it comes to the animals and their enclosures.

    ‘But they shouldn’t be in cages!! they should be in the wild’

    I agree, and so does Carol Baskins, but sadly these big cats (and little ones) cannot be released back into the wild, all they know is the cages, there are laws against releasing non native animals back into a non native environment and many of them are born with issues and problems that have been caused by being inbred while in the care of these illegal owners. As I said above, little ones, BCR is not only the home of Big Cats, in Florida there are beautiful bobcats which BCR rescue, help and release back into their native homes.. You following me?

    Big Cats don’t belong in native Florida, they belong in their homes and due to the fact that they have been bred purely for captivity and inbred for that matter, an example would be white tigers, did you know there are no known white tigers in the wild and ALL white tigers are in fact inbred? I didn’t know that either until I was educated by Big Cat Rescue, they cannot be just released.

    One other thing that I find wonderful about BCR and their cause is that they are 100% against touching and petting big cats and do not breed big cats either, something even a local zoo here doesn’t even stop to think if its right or not, breeding in captivity is purely for money, these animals do not go back and are there for the zoo or even some conservations to use for cash. BCR do have visitors but on certain times of the year and in groups, you cannot just turn up and expect to be a tourist, you cannot touch or pet the animals (which you shouldn’t anyway) and you are taken on an educated tour which they do to share what they do for the animals.

    If you see someone posting a video of a big cat on instagram or anywhere, no legitimate sanctuary or zoo would allow you to touch the animals, they are wrong and you shouldn’t support them.

    and this is why I now fully support Big Cat Rescue, and have always supported them since I found them, I am so grateful that these cats are now happy and healthy and living their lives under good care and that BCR is slowly educating and changing the laws in regards to privately owned big cats!

    Thank you Carol and all those who work and volunteer at Big Cat Rescue.

    Disclaimer – Images used from the big cat rescue facebook page, links are not affiliated.

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