• School Can Be Cool by Maleka Mamuji Kindle Edition // Review

    School Can be Cool is a wonderful collection of five short stories by the wonderful Maleka Mamuji who came to England when she was six years old from Kenya and uses her memories from her experiences as a child during those times, she wrote the book in the hopes to help children enjoy their own experiences at school which as we know can be full of scary and new situations.

    The first story ‘Rashida’s first day in a new school’ tells the tale of a little girl who comes Kenya to Manchester and has to start a brand new school in a new country, Rashida experiences the normal sorts of worries as any other child would, making new friends and being able to fit in and misses her old friends from her other school, she dreams that her new school headmistress is a grumpy woman and that her new teacher kept giving her hard work that she couldn’t do, many other fears occurred in her dream that caused her to wake up in a fright and hide under her bed which is where her mother finds her in the morning. after getting ready for the day she meets her new headmistress, school teachers and classmates and despite her fears school wasnt what she dreamt of and had a wonderful day.

    The second story ‘Happy to be you‘ is about Jodie and her wish to be like Gretchen as she was popular in school, she was good at maths which Jodie wasn’t, she had long blonde hair and blue eyes and was tall, what she didn’t realise is that Gretchen herself had written that she wanted to be like Jodie as she thought she was beautiful with black hair and brown eyes, when they came to read out their stories to the class they realised they wrote about each other and learn that its always best to be yourself and be happy.

    The third story ‘Practice makes perfect’ which is about Tom who hated going into school on Tuesdays and Thursdays as that was sports day at school, he didn’t feel he was good at any sports, was always picked last in teams. He talks to his dad about skipping those two days and his dad tells him that skipping school won’t solve the problem but practicing would help, during the night he thought about his dads words and started to practice running, soon it was sports day and his classmates thought he would come last but ignoring the whispers he focused on the task and won the race!

    The fourth story ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover‘ which is something I often say to people, is about Peter, Leah and Milly who despite being in the same class, never spoke to one another so one day during class their drama teacher wanted them to work together and they start learning about each other and learnt that they have a lot more in common than they originally thought they did, they worked together to create a play which everyone enjoyed and learnt new things about each other in the process.

    The fifth and final story ‘Friday the Thirteenth‘ which is about Gemma who was told that it was an unlucky day after loosing her ring during an art class at the beginning of the week, during the week she hunted high and low for her ring up until the dreaded Friday the thirteenth, despite the fact some consider this an unlucky day, Gemmas luck didnt fail her and finds her ring showing her that Friday the thirteenth is just any other day and not to worry so much about bad luck.


    These are all wonderful short stories with a good moral to them which is alway something important in books for children, My children and I sat down to read these and they enjoyed them too and like often when I read them stories I ask them what they expect might happen, how the characters will learn from their experiences and if they could identify with them which they could, For an example my son has gotten very good at racing games and the only reason why is because he’s been practicing and evolving his skills.

    School can be Cool is a great selection of stories that I highly recommend you read to your children or allow them to read themselves, they are very easy to read and are suitable for children aged 6 to 9 years, the words are appropriate for the age range and definitely something they will recommend to their friends as well.

    School can be Cool is available for free on Kindle at the minute with Kindle Unlimited and also can be available to purchase via Kindle as well.

    Disclaimer – I was asked to review this book, links are NOT affiliated, I was not paid to promote this product

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    1. July 25, 2020 / 3:29 pm

      I as m sure not only my son but I would also love reading this series as a teacheršŸ˜Š

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