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    I have a lot of house plants, I am of course not ashamed of this fact because frankly, I love them dearly and they have brought me nothing but calm and happiness as I water them each week.

    My little obsession with beautiful house plants started with the desperate need to own a monstera, I had seen many people mention about these plant online and after much searching, I headed to the nearest garden centre, Van Hages, which I will be honest isn’t my closest but we was on our way there anyway, to browse house plants and purchase Monty the Monstera Deliciosa! While there I also picked myself up a beautiful String of Hearts which is a hanging plant and a Snake Plant.

    Wonderfully at this present time Monty and the Snake Plant (sounds like a band name!) are thriving and enjoying time in my home, I have repotted Monty twice since I first got him and he has just kept growing and growing, my Snake Plant is pretty low maintenance, giving that it is a desert style plant, which then makes it less likely to murder, unfortunately the string of hearts died a slow death, I tried watering it lots, watering it barely and even keeping to the weekly water schedule, nothing I did to it made it happy and it just shrivelled up and died. I am the first to admit that it was a bit ambitious to get such a temperamental plant as one of my first ones but I thought it was so pretty and had hopes for it.

    Now I am not an expert, I am purely an amateur plant person so sometimes the names of the plants that I own slip my mind and I will call them something different for an example, Monty, but the one thing Ive discovered while growing and caring for them is that all of my plants are extremely happy in their current locations and water schedules, so don’t think caring for a house plant isn’t something even a plant killer can do!

    A while after starting my collection I decided to join a subscription based house plant, Lazy Flora as getting myself to a nursery proved harder than I like to admit with out driving so I thought this would be a wonderful way to cure the house plants as well as learn new things and new plants that you dont often find in the shops unless you go to a specialist. with Lazy Flora I received a Marble PeperomiaJapanese Stonecrop (sadly died) , Calathea Makoyana and two Chinese Money Plants which I think came to me by accident but no matter, the are loved regardless.

    I have also gained a plant from my mum who took a cutting from her Tradescantia that has literally lost control of itself and has grown amazingly. Its been a surprising member of my plant family as it broke a few leaves off which I repotted and also are growing like there is no tomorrow, and I rescued two Monstera Adansonii from my local Sainsbury’s which looked sorry for themselves, they like to be out of the direct sunlike and seemed to be thriving after my daring rescue along with two orchids who I am currently trying to bring back to life and flower again but are proving difficult, however I have yet murdered them, so that’s a plus!

    and of course, how could I forget…

    My beloved Peace Lily, I have wanted one of these since I saw the film Hot Fuzz,  I was warned by people that they can be fickle and hard to care for but its honestly one of the easiest plants I have, when it gets a little lacking in water it goes all droopy and despite being considered high maintenance its been a blessing.

    I am in no need to stop getting more house plants, they are like a little drug as its always a joy seeing a new leaf or flower appear and it’s been such a mental health boost as well to care for them.

    Are you an avid plant hoarder? or perhaps you are a murderer!! what’s your favourite indoor or outdoor plant?

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    1. July 31, 2020 / 3:44 am

      Aw I love your little collection! I don’t have any house plants of my own because I still live with my parents in a small flat but I would love to get some succulents one day as they’re quite small 😊

      🌿 Marissa Belle × marsybun.com 🌿

    2. July 31, 2020 / 7:46 am

      Oh my, these are all so beautiful! I’m absolutely in love with this kind of plant. Green, simple, and so aesthetically pleasing! I want to fill my room with all of these, lol! They give the place such a minimalistic look, I totally love them!

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