• Mud & Bloom July 2020 Box // Review

    Given that it is now summer holidays in England, and seeing Mud and Bloom advertised everywhere on my social medias I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out this fun and interactive box designed for children in mind.

    Mud and Bloom was set up in December 2017 by a wonderful woman named Anja, who believed that all children, despite where they live should dive into the world of gardening and caring for plants and I have to agree, growing up in the countryside myself I have always been around farmers, big gardens, allotments and mud so I have always wanted to get my three children involved into the same sort of childhood I had and that I felt they always have missed out on this sort of thing being stuck in a two bedroom flat in a town.

    The boxes come through your letterbox every month with four crafty or gardening things to do that are easy for children, ranging from planting flowers and vegetables to using the garden and its flowers to make some lovely artwork or home crafts. July’s box is no exception with some seeds to grow some flowers and lettuce.

    Each task has easy to follow instructions with beautiful illustrated drawings, Amelia my middle child was so interested in this as she commented that she loves gardening and spends a lot of time when we are at my mums house outside helping out with small tasks, planting the seeds was pretty easy, all that was required of me was some pots to put them in which we used some old discarded egg cartons, pretty handy as we had just used eggs for that mornings breakfast, she quickly soaked the soil pellets which I will say remind me of when I was younger and designed my own fairy garden at my grandmothers house, planted the seeds and set them aside on the window to watch them grow.

    The second task required us to go find some sticks and twigs for a boat, this one needs adult help so I was the one who strung the twigs together while Amelia designed her sail with the oil pastels provided in the box, once designed we put everything together and waited for the clay to dry before trying it out in the bath as we have no pond or open paddling pool near by, the joy of going out for our walks, finding sticks and twigs to make our boat was a wonderful experience and sort of changed our walks up a bit as we all know how fast children get bored.

    Third task we saved for when we visited my mums house on a Saturday, we needed to pick petals and knowing how wonderful my mums garden is, we saved it for then, Robin joined in with this one as she just loved collecting all the items or her butterfly, Bloom and Wild provided with a template for us to use and decorate around as well as glue which was fantastic as glue is a rare item in our home. I feel like they did a wonderful job creating and designing their butterflies making sure to keep them mirrored and the same each side and as they gave us lots of templates we are going to use them for other projects in the coming autumn months and make some out of the changing leaves.


    I highly recommend you try out Mud and Bloom, its a good priced box and is full of wonderful fun things to do, read and learn. its continued our home schooling adventure as well and kept little minds busy and entertained on the rainy days and away from technology for just a little bit. I have also enjoyed doing these projects with my children.

    If you wish to try out Mud and Bloom for yourself it was two different boxed to try out, one being a single box and one is a sibling box which is has projects for more than one child which is what we got, they are £14.95 each month and I feel that’s a pretty good price on the projects and time spent with you children.


    *Disclaimer – I paid for this box with my own money, links are NOT affiliated.

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    1. August 1, 2020 / 4:10 pm

      Great post! This is such a cool and educational way to get kids engaged

    2. August 3, 2020 / 1:49 pm

      Oh my god, I’ve never seen such a box before! It’s so cute and the idea is absolutely genius! I love flowers so much I’d totally enjoy purchasing one! *.* all of the flowers look lovely!

      • August 6, 2020 / 8:20 pm

        its such a great idea! and I shall let my mum know you like her garden heh

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