• Adventures to Mersea Island // Days Out.

    Now originally this was meant to have been a solo trip to south end with my children and I, then I got the fear and asked my mum to tag along and just before she paid for her train tickets to join me on the journey, my train got cancelled and therefor our trip basically got cancelled, however with that my mum booked her day off anyway and my middle child’s desperate need to go to the seaside for the day we planned a day out anyway, deciding against going to Shoeberryness and instead go to Mersea Island.

    Mersea Island is as it says, an island in Essex which is connected to the mainland by a causeway and a road that gets flooded twice a day, the island itself its split by West Mersea and East Mersea, its beautiful, quiet and extremely non tourist which is always something I tend to go for when it comes to beach visits. As mum had been there before and I hadn’t it seemed like a fitting place to visit on our scheduled beach trip.

    Driving there wasn’t a bad of journey, travelling through the Essex countryside is always such a beautiful aspect of the trip, people often forget just how beautiful Essex as a county can be, full of fields, woodland and beautiful old houses. One thing I will say is making sure that you plan your journey around the tides, which you can easily find online, the low tide was around the time we had arrived to Mersea and the high tide was around 6pm that evening.

    This would be our first day out trip that had been planned since before lockdown back in March, so the experience was both exciting and anxious, mainly due to finding public toilets that would be open as not many that we found was open, the weather also wasn’t exactly on our side either, hoping for a nice sunny day we was greeted once we got onto the beach to windy wet weather, had our lunches in the car and away from the wind, but once we was done we got out and went for a walk to find sand.

    Feeling extremely disappointed in this we however made the most of it by collecting shells and making our way to the sea which was freezing cold, I wasn’t expecting it to be as cold and as windy as it was and was pretty glad we brought our coats and hoodies along with us. We quickly found a beach hut to sit by and after a few failed sand castles made the choice to head home back to mums house to have some dinner.

    Honestly if the weather had been nicer we would’ve spent more time there, and have made plans that if its nice on a day when we see my mum to go there for the afternoon as the trip wasn’t too bad and I look forward to experiencing Mersea without the windy and chilly weather.

    Have you ever been to Mersea Island?

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