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    Looking back on my memories from when I had my three children, the one thing that stands out to me with each of them just how different their labour and deliveries were. Labour is one of the first exciting steps into motherhood, its a hard and stressful time full of pain and worries but in the end the outcome is most of the time positive with a baby at the end and a love no one ever truly understands unless they feel it for themselves.


    Life long – We do forget, thats for sure, the pain goes away and once that fresh new baby is in our arms everything is swiftly forgotten but the one thing that remains is the memory of the moment a new life is handed to you, fresh from the womb that you created over nine months, the waiting has come to an end and it the start of a brand new chapter.

    Acceptance – Things change, our bodies change and with that we need to accept that our role has changed completely. we are no longer a wife or a girlfriend, we are a mother, accepting that sometimes things go wrong with for an example breastfeeding, being prepared to accept that sometimes you cannot control situations are not your fault

    Bonding – No one can take that away, the first moments you smell your baby you are instantly bonded, I mean I think I was bonded the second I saw those two lines appear on my test, but the first meet, something special happens, you are complete and at total peace.

    Oasis – or more commonly called the ‘baby bubble’ the first two weeks or so of life you are in your own little oasis of love and happy hormones.

    Unique – Every woman experiences labour differently, everyone has their own unique story of how it happened, when it happened and what magical number of hours did it take to bring this wonderful new life into the world, but the one thing all mothers experiences is the sheer joy of Labour ending and motherhood beginning. We all experience that rush of love when our baby is placed into our arms.

    Radiant – I felt amazing after my births, I felt powerful, magical and beautiful. I cant explain it more than the fact that I felt radiant, while also feeling sweaty and exhausted, my last two births I did with only gas and air and afterwards I felt different as a person and that I could take on the world.


    As I have expressed, labour for all is different and unique, and the one thing I love the most about having children is possibly being able to share my experiences with others about it, without going into to much gory details of course, what words would you use in replace of mine to describe labour?

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    1. August 6, 2020 / 8:51 pm

      Labour in one word for me would be “tears” – both the good and the bad ones. My third one was alright though, just the happy ones then!

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