• Selfie Bag’s New Design // Review

    A little while ago I got the opportunity to review the amazing Selfie Bag from the Cotton Bag Co. This bag has been used daily for food shops, walks to the park and even been handy for carrying toys around the house from one room to another.

    When I saw that the designers of the bag had been working hard to bring out a brand new bag I of course was excited to get the chance again to share with you another beautiful and wonderful bag, this time around the bag is crammed full of fun things to bring your selfie to life and even help with phone camera photography in general!

    I simply adore the new design, its a lot more casual than the previous bags design with that its a natural shade of canvas bag with acrylic style paintings on rather than the gold, its incredibly eye catching (see what I did there?) and much like the previous Selfie Bag is extremely useful and is once again used every single day for shopping.

    The design differences between the two bags is that this newer one has a zip to protect your possessions inside it. it is also slightly larger than the previous bag for more space to carry things. along with the basic designs of the bag it also comes with a reflective fold up mirror to help give more natural light into photographs, which while the premise of the bag is for selfies, I have found that this has been so useful in my daily photography jobs, a selfie stick which is actually a tripod that is wonderful for timer photographs and a handy little gadget that clips on top of your phone to add some more light. I’ve seen this one product mentioned everywhere on instagram and even on wish.com and had been considering getting one myself for a while.

    My personal favourite has to be, just like the first one, is that its reusable, which in this day of age its so important to look after the planet with too much single use plastic in the seas so having a bag that not only looks great and is super stylish it also helps keep the seas nice and clean.

    So if you are after a wonderful new bag that’s full of goodies for the perfect selfie, lot of space for keeping you personal belongings safe AND adds to keeping the single use plastic in your own at an all time low then I recommend that you invest in the Selfie Bag!


    Disclaimer – this product was sent to me for review purposes only, link are NOT affiliated, I was not paid to promote this product.
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