• Adventures to Paradise Wildlife Park // Days Out

    A few weeks ago after trying to figure out what to do in the final week of the summer holidays, I decided to take the children to a local wildlife park. Not big on zoo’s personally but I was thinking of days out and fun things the children would love to do, so Paradise Wildlife Park was where we went.

    Paradise Wildlife Park is a large zoo situated in the Hertfordshire countryside, its history doesn’t have the best record as when it first opened it had poor animal care and was considered one of the worst zoos in England and you all know my views on Big Cat and wildlife care when it comes to their homes but over the course of the years they have continued to change, develop and become a much better home for all the creatures they have in their care and also have stopped breeding their white lions which is a huge step in the right direction.

    Going with my mum, we left after lunch and made our way to Paradise Wildlife Park, being a little worried as the weather wasn’t exactly on our side and it was extremely windy as there was a storm going on at the west coast of England at the time, but thankfully the weather held off for us to have a fantastic time there.

    The first stop was to walk around the World of Dinosaurs which wasn’t there the last time we went to the park a good few years ago, swiftly regretting my shoe choice we slowly made it around and saw the dinosaurs and the wolves in the distance, what really made my chuckle was the covid 19 appropriate  jokes scattered around reminding us not to touch the dinos to not give them our germs and to keep a distance, all the while walking around Robin, who had seen a play park when we walked in, was begging to go along to there but we promised to take her once we had gone to see all the animals in the park

    This was our first proper outing with the children since lockdown began back in March and I was pleasantly surprised with how Paradise Wildlife Park had dealt with the situation, there was plenty of hand sanitiser points for you to use, clearly marked areas to follow in a one way system, however not many people actually followed this correctly but, what can you do about people and areas that you had to wear face coverings if you wanted to go inside. I was of course a little anxious about the whole idea of going out during the pandemic but using my better judgement and the fact that infection rate in our area is lower than elsewhere, I put my fears aside and we had such a wonderful day.

    The highlight of our time at Paradise Wildlife Park has probably got to be the adorable Red Panda who did accumulate a large crowd around its inclosure, us included and of course when we finally got to it, Robin was overjoyed to finally get her feet and hands onto the fun play area at the end of the day before leaving and heading home to have dinner.

    As I have said, despite my objections to keeping animals in cages and how much I dislike zoo’s this was such a lovely and fun day out, while it is indeed on the old expensive side at £100 for all of us, it was good fun and having the knowledge that things are organised and suited for the current pandemic climate, felt relaxed and I was able to enjoy myself.

    All in all. a wonderful final end of the lockdown/summer holiday drag!

    Disclaimer – I paid for these tickets with my own money, links are NOT affiliated.

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