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    Snacking in my house is a big thing, I mean who doesn’t like snacks?!

    With the British Snack Company comes some wonderful tasty treats to enjoy with your lunch or just taking with you to eat out and about, the one thing which stands out about the British snack company is that it is made from British potatoes and British based tastes and flavours, started in 2013 with a goal to produce and share amazing snacks at good prices and that’s what they have done.

    Having been so kindly gifted some samples of their lovely treats and snacks I got the chance to try some and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised! The crisps remind me a little bit of Kettle crisps with their flavour and smell so they seem to be a more of an adult type of snack rather than for the gentler tastes of a child as I did hand the packets over to my children who very much turned their noses up at them but I can safely say that I very much enjoyed their flavour.

    Trying the cheese and onion crisps and the salty and sweet popcorn first I really enjoyed them and found myself wanting more, as I said they remind me a lot like Kettle chips with their addictive flavour and delightful crunch, the popcorn was extremely yummy, being much more of a sweet popcorn eater biting into some salty popcorn with a slight hint of sweet was delightful and I throughly enjoyed every single mouthful.

    Along with their promise of using only British potatoes and flavours, they are from a farm that not only grows them but uses renewable energy so they are great for the world too and in a time when the world needs extra help, what more could you ask in a snack?

    You can find any of the six flavours of crisps and four of the flavours of popcorn, which are wonderfully inspired by Britains great animals and decorated with delightful edited photos of the animals in question, my personal favourite has to be the cheeky little cat in the union flag shirt but we all know how much I love cats, in local pubs and you can find them as well from amazon.

    I am defiantly going to be on the look out for more flavours of the popcorn as the caramel and espresso sounds delicious.

    Have you tried any of these snacks?

    Disclaimer – these products have been gifted, I have not been paid, no links are affiliated.

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