• Making our own Bath Bombs with So Bomb DIY // Review

    Last Christmas Amelia got this amazing and fun craft box from a friend of mine called So Bomb DIY we’ve been putting it off for months but finally decided to dive in and attempt them.

    So Bomb DIY is essentially a bath bomb factory that you put together yourself, decorate and then begin to make your own bath bombs, and seeing that bath bombs are a massive popular hit in my house, if you’ve seen my Lush hauls then you should know I buy and use an excessive amount of them, so making our own felt like a natural progression.

    Opening up the box you’ll find pretty much everything you’ll need besides some water which you can get from the tap, in the box you can make three different bombs in a collection of pretty colours, the mixture to help activate it when its in the bath, pipette for the water, mould, various decorations and little charms you can put inside the bomb itself and the mixer.

    Putting it all together was pretty simple and easy, Amelia knew exactly what to do and made sure everything was in the right place and stored correctly, it wasn’t complicated but very plastic feeling so I was worried any wrong move could snap something but once it was all together we got started on the mixture.

    The instructions on how to make your bath bomb are clear and simple to follow but I will say that the mixer that comes with the kit is actually pretty useless and we couldn’t mix properly to remove any of the lumps out of the bath bomb mix before adding the citric acid so we ended up using our hands the best we could to mix and delump, Once the mixture is all sorted you can start adding it into your mould which was a nice and easy task but the only problem we found here is that you had to make one bath bomb at a time and could make multiple which is hard for children to sit and wait 30 minutes for one to dry and to start making another.

    After 30 minutes of time then its time to remove the bomb out of the mould, however due to impatience we took it out after five minutes to crack on with more bombs but it didnt effect it much and it stayed in the spherical shape. I will have to say that this came out a lot better than I expected, I never can tell with craft kits how the project will end up as more often than not many of these are photoshopped to look much better.

    There are a few things that I didn’t like about this kit, the one thing is purely just that you cannot mix correctly in the mixer and need outside help and it doesn’t share that you need to be extra careful with the amount of water to include in the mixture, we found when doing the first one it was a bit dry so added more water into it and it was fine so as a precaution we added more the second time and unfortunately the bomb activated before it even had time to dry.

    But overall this was a fun little project to get for Christmas, the bomb did wonders in the bath, was extremely pigmented and fizzed for longer than I expected, I personally think I had more fun doing this than my daughter who just wanted to get it made and get into the bath.

    The kit is currently no longer being sold but I am sure if you do some searching you will be able to find alternative kits to enjoy and make with your children.


    Disclaimer – Products in this post were given to me at Christmas time last year, not gifted from a company, all links included in this post are NOT affiliated, I was not paid to promote this product.


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    1. November 4, 2020 / 10:50 pm

      This sounds like more fun for adults than children! I’ve never thought about making my own bath bombs before, but seeing that it’s quite easy maybe I should! x

    2. May 5, 2021 / 10:02 am

      I bought bath bombs for my partner for Christmas, so to make our own instead could have be a lot of fun. It’s a shame the kit isn’t still being sold

      • May 5, 2021 / 10:59 am

        it is a shame but i am sure there are loads similar, my daughter loves bath bombs so her making her own was so fun

    3. August 20, 2021 / 2:21 pm

      This sounds like such a fan activity and believe me I wouldn’t be patient either to wait the thirty minutes! My sister loves bath bombs, so this would be such a great DIY!

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