• Happy Howlidays // The Pet Advent Calendar from Scrumbles // Review

    If you have been around here on my blog long enough you will know that I tend not to mention the ‘C’ word until perhaps mid December, but this year, given that we’ve spent the majority of it inside our homes and stressed, I decided to change that up a bit and introduce you to Scrumbles and their wonderful pet advent calendar.

    We’ve all heard of the makeup advent, chocolate ones and even a gin one but I had no idea you could even get ones for your pets and Scrumbles comes through with good quality pet food which is made in the UK. The story of Scrumbles started out, funnily enough, with a cat and her smelly poo, which is a charming thing to talk about in a post about Christmas, but as a responsible pet owner it is always important to take proper care in what goes into our furry friends as it will inevitably come back out again.

    Their desire to settle poor Boo’s tummy and doing research to learn that pet food these days isn’t as healthy as it lets on, Scrumbles was created with their delightful hypoallergenic pet food for both dog and cat, also if you browse the website you will find that you can also subscribe to their pet food as well so that every month a bag of the food of your choice will turn up at your doorstep ready for the fuzzball to eat.

    But as I said before, they also have a advent calendar for both cat and dog, I was kindly sent a dog version of their advent calendars and seeing as my boyfriend’s parents had two dogs and we was doing a ‘meet the parents’ the timing couldn’t be better to test them out on some very willing participants. The treats themselves are sealed behind plastic to retain their freshness and come in two different sizes, a bone and a little chocolate button size (not actually chocolate) and while I know it isn’t advent yet however I had to get some photos of Skye and Sasha enjoying their treats

    Laid out very much like your usual human advent calendar with the 24 doors and adorned with the cute cartoon designs that you can find on all of Scrumbles products I feel like this is something fun to do for our pets, even if they don’t fully understand what advent is and why they cannot have more than one treat a day and it is definitely more for the owner or perhaps a child to enjoy along side their own calendar to hand out a treat to their furry brother or sister while they tuck into their chocolate version.

    I very much like this brand, having purchased some cat food through amazon on a subscription a month back when I had run out of my usual dry food, given that my mainecoon Loki has a sensitive stomach and will end up causing him to have the runs if I slightly change his food even a tiny bit, so knowing that this food will not upset his stomach as much as if I would change it do a different brand makes me feel more relaxed.

    If you are like me and are obsessed with their pets then I highly recommend treating them this year with their very own advent calendar and in the light of how 2020 hasn’t been exactly the enjoyable year it originally was meant to be I feel having a tiny spark like this charming pet advent calendar will bring a lot of joy to not only you but our pets too

    Big thanks to Sasha and Skye for their input in the taste test, I can confirm it was very yummy and there was hope for more but it was figured five days into advent was enough!

    Disclaimer – this product was sent to me for review purposes only, I was not paid to promote this product, all links are not affiliated. all thoughts and options are my own
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    1. November 1, 2020 / 8:24 pm

      I love the idea of a pet advent calendar – that’s so much fun!!! I have been debating making a homemade advent calendar for our pets, but it would be a lot easier if we have the option to just purchase one. Especially if we know that the treats that it contains are of higher quality like that. Thank you for sharing!

    2. November 2, 2020 / 11:35 am

      My dog loves her advent calendar at Christmas. I think she just enjoys getting a treat at the same time as everyone else. Its great that the brand uses healthy ingredients because we all want to keep our pets safe.

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