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    Last year we didn’t get around to doing this, I had seen it everywhere on my facebook of taking the old pumpkins and popping them down in the woods for the creatures to come and eat them. I however handed them over to my mum who took them for her garden.

    This year I couldn’t pass the chance to do it ourselves, limited to the location in which we could put them we decided that the little woods near our play park would be best fit and of course giving the children a chance to play on the swings after we dropped them off.

    The RSPCA shares that pumpkins are good for all the local wildlife in England, given that this time of year when the weather turns cold and all the fruit is slowly falling out of the apple trees, its always best to use what you can for wildlife. according to the RSPCA badgers, foxes, squirrels and birds all very much enjoy pumpkins and other fruits similar (yes its a fruit) and also The Woodland Trust shares that our mini beasts enjoy the fruity insides as well.

    In a day of age where the number one thing on everyones minds is sustainability and reducing our waste it turns out that us as humans throw away 18 thousand tonnes of pumpkin each year and frankly that’s shocking, so much can be done with the humble pumpkin other than being something spooky to pop up your window to share that you are open for trick or treaters and while the seeds went outside for our garden birds, of course the flesh went into our wood.

    On our walk around to the woods we found some huge sycamore leafs which surprise me, I do not think we have seen some this big before as well as some beautiful looking crab apples, a few years ago we all picked a load for my mum to make crab apple jam which turned out really nice however it was the smallest jar as they apparently do not make a lot of jam.

    It was also incredibly muddy, deciding to go for a walk into a wood without wellies on was a pretty bad idea however it wasn’t as swampy as I expected, call this a reminder to make sure to order some wellie boots while I still can from the shops.

    But of course a few mud puddles won’t stop children in completing their task, I told them that they needed to find a location for them to be hidden in for the animals to find, they chose to place them next to trees so the squirrels could sneak down and take a bite when no one was looking, however Robin just put hers anywhere and added the apple she collected earlier onto hers.

    Saying the final goodbye, Amelia shared she was feeling sad but I had to remind her that her cute cat pumpkin was going onto a better life and feeding one of our many wildlife creatures in the woods.

    This was honestly such a wonderful experience to have with my children, as I said I missed doing it last year as I didn’t have them during halloween so being able to do all the little things I wanted to do with them this year, despite the covid situation and being unable to trick to treat with them, I made the best of what life threw at me and we had sweet full fun!

    I highly recommend you do something similar, as not only is this given back to nature and helping feed wildlife it is also a wonderful homeschooling subject to cover and learn about what local wildlife is around you and of course it covers the most important subject of all and how to reuse and recycle things, even if its going towards a hungry creature in the woods.

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    1. November 3, 2020 / 9:59 pm

      That’s a great way to recycle your pumpkins and provide some much-needed nutrition for wildlife. A local rescue and sanctuary here collects pumpkins so that they can feed them to the animals in their care. That has been our go-to. I love knowing that something that is often just tossed aside can still have use!

    2. May 20, 2021 / 8:01 am

      This is such a sweet post! Kids love this stuff!

      And I’ve often wondered what becomes of all that pumpkin decoration after Halloween.
      Now when Halloween comes around each year, aside from the pumpkin pies and soups I’ll remember this post!

    3. May 20, 2021 / 10:02 am

      It totally feels like Autumn right now and this post is lovely. I love that you did this with little ones, it’s such a lovely trip idea but also filled with lots of learning!


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