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    It is indeed the most wonderful time of year, well almost the most wonderful time of year, its when Lush brings back the sweetest scented beauty that is Snow Fairy!

    But what has changed this year, besides the usual shower gel and body spray, is some new delight to enjoy bath time with and thus launches us right into another one of my little lush hauls. One of the greatest things I was very excited about finding out was probably the second I walked into the store, to find a Snow Fairy bubble bar! which are hands down my favourite products from lush.

    Having a bath in the middle of bright pink waters and sweet scented bubbles is always something I wanted and now add that with a Snow Fairy shampoo bar, I do feel like by the end of the year when this lovely scent goes away I will be sick to my back teeth of snow fairy but as it only comes once a year then I will make the most of it and top it all off with a bath bomb, which I feel was available last year.

    Now I realise not everyone is keen on Snow Fairy which I am very aware of because it can be a bit too much so along with my haul of fairy I also picked up the new bath bomb designed by Zoe Sugg which she and Lush released as part of Digital Detox Day and I was curious as to what it smelt like and after doing plenty of research regarding it and what exactly Digital Detox Day was about I felt it was important to support the cause.

    The IRL bath bomb  which sadly is gone from the website but you can still find it in certain stores around the UK is designed for relaxation and getting away from all the daily stresses of social media which we all know can be incredibly bad for your mental health, its floral and turns the bath into a delightful and calming shade of purple, perfect for the end of those rainy days. Also in my basket I have the beautiful and fun Golden Wonder bath bomb which I actually got previously in one of their gift boxes and loved it.

    IF I remember correctly they made a special edition of the Golden Wonder a few years ago which was large than the smaller version and probably made such a beautiful bath, the Golden Wonder, despite its outward appearance, turns the water in a deep aqua colour with shimmer and has a citrus scent which is one of my other favourite scents from lush given that my personal favourite is and has always been the Brightside bubble bar coupled in a little cocktail with Sunnyside to make the best golden bath you could experience.

    You can find all of Lush’s Snow Fairy products on their website and of course if you want to try out the IRL bath bomb make sure to look in stores as it isn’t available online anymore.

    Disclaimer – All products I paid for with my own money, links are not affiliated, I was not paid to promote this product, all thoughts and options are my own.

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    1. November 5, 2020 / 3:49 pm

      Okay, confession. I LOVE all the products that I’ve tried from LUSH, but I’ve never tried anything from their Snow Fairy line. That being said, I am a little obsessed with bath bombs at this point – so I could definitely see myself jumping on that IRL bath bomb if I come across it anywhere. A great bath bomb with an important message – sold!

      • November 15, 2020 / 10:20 am

        oh goodness you need to try snow fairy, only comes once a year but its so lovely! I do like the irl bomb, a good message and a lovely bomb too!

    2. November 14, 2020 / 10:32 am

      Bath products galore! I used Snow Fairy years ago but I honestly can’t remember the smell! I’m actually thinking about investing in some shampoo / conditioner bars so I might look at LUSH for them!

      • November 15, 2020 / 10:19 am

        I cannot have enough bath products!! their shampoo bars are amazing

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