• Thoughts and Feelings of Lockdown 2 // Personal

    This may end up being a little bit of a rambling post, primarily because I have a lot in my mind in regards to Lockdown 2 : The Sequel.

    Yup I am going with humour with how I cope with it, mainly because if I didn’t laugh id probably cry, but also I find it different second time around. My feelings back in March when the first lockdown happened was fear and worry, full of the unknown and it felt strange. Taking the children out of school back in March honestly felt like it was the end of the world.

    …But now?..

    Not so much, mainly because they aren’t closing the schools, there have been plans in place for when that happens so a lot of the homeschooling isn’t placed onto the parents, but I am glad that the schools aren’t closing, which we can all agree is the polar opposite of how I felt back in march. Am I desensitised by it all? I know how the school classroom bubbles work and in my school it has worked wonderfully, I can safely say that there have been no isolation of classes since the return of school back in September.

    However there is still a worry, mainly selfish worry, back in August I started a relationship with my good friend, and now I feel like I cannot see him, despite the fact that we’ve decided to develop a support bubble with each other, he’s a single person living on his own and being that I am a single parent I need the support and help with shopping and other things.

    I am going at Lockdown 2 : The Sequel in the exact same manor as I did before, I won’t see my dad the children will still be between two homes and as they are in school basic daily life will remain the same.

    I will say however that I am slightly anxious of it all, I feel like a lot of the fun things I have had planned just keep being postponed or cancelled all together, gone now is the trip to get us our Christmas tree, we didn’t get to do the trick or treating that I so badly wanted to do with them this year as I missed out last year but I look at the positives much like how I did back in March, I will hopefully have more fun time with just me and the children. I truly felt that during last lockdown me and my children bonded and got a lot closer, we did what we could, baked so many tasty treats and of course learnt new things during homeschool. On top of all of that, I am also not optimistic that it will be for these 4 weeks, I am bracing myself for the fact I may not be seeing my family at Christmas time.

    .. but we will have to deal with that when it comes to it.

    The schools staying open is one blessing, having my bubble is another and I will once again make sure to go shopping when I do not have the children to keep them safe.

    Mask at the ready, hand sanitisers prepped.. lets go all go into Lockdown 2 and I’ve ordered my Christmas tree ready for December, after a few annoyed grunts the school handed out discount codes for a delivery service that had trees! we will have our real tree after all. thanks School!!!

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    1. November 21, 2020 / 4:59 pm

      A great read! I am trying to make the most of lockdown 2 and use the time to catch up with work and get ahead on my blog!

      Amber | The Unpredicted Page

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