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    Here in England on the 5th November every year we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. This night is made famous for a single act of almost rebellion under the houses of parliament in 1604. Well some say rebellion, others would say terrorism, but what occurred on that day is now a huge part in British history and of course entertainment.

    Gone are the days when someone with a wheelbarrow and a Guy Fawkes straw model who would knock at your door and ask for a ‘penny for the guy’. But we still have the tradition of a huge bonfire and loud but beautiful fireworks. However, due to COVID19 and now a brand new lockdown which prevents all sorts of fun and enjoyable family things, I have decided, against my better judgement to purchase some fireworks and sparklers and enjoy some time outside.

    You have no idea how hard it was to find these sparklers, in the end I got my mum to go on the hunt for them for me, in her shopping trip she also got us some Roman candles which originally the plan didnt involve them at all, I was just offering sparklers and a run around outside in the dark to see if we could see anyone else celebrating.

    Before we started I got Amelia and Robin to sit down with some black card, glitter glue and some gems to create their own firework art, the girls loved doing this as it kept them busy while I cooked dinner and made sure everything was ready before heading out.

    Getting outside, wrapping up warm and praying no one falls over in the mud we set up the fireworks and let them do their thing, the fireworks and sparklers both came from The Range which is where I had originally looked for some but couldn’t find any but never mind. Everyone seems to love the sparklers, writing our names in the dark, making silly faces and other things.

    It honestly feels strange, I remember last year I took them to the local one in Harlow and it was wonderful, the giant fire warming up our faces, the lovely fireworks synchronised to music and of course the local celebs on the stage doing various acts, snippets of the pantomime of that year and lots of wonderful food trucks, I remember a few years back when I went before I had children there was a funfair with rides. it is almost unreal looking back now at the sheer amount of people clumped together and being so close when now we are all told to keep a six feet distance and to not to socialise.

    The children loved the fireworks, while I didnt get many it was still enjoyed and appreciated, they are happy to just experience them and be outside in the dark more than anything else, of course once we got back inside the warm after everything got spent..

    .. it was hot chocolate time!!

    A strange end to an odd year, I hope that in 2021 things will be a lot better, Covid 19 will be controlled and we can once again do all the things we love without the worry and restrictions.


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