• Sleeping Soundly with Bloom and Blossom // Review

    Ive shared with you some wonderful products from Bloom and Blossom before on my blog, they are a wonderful little company that sell some of the most amazing baby products you can find.

    This time, I was delighted to be sent some new products that they had on offer that has one thing in mind, helping children and people sleep better at night, we’ve all been there, tossing and turning and being unable to rest our heads and children struggle too. My youngest often struggles to get herself off to sleep some nights and I certainly know I do as well, more often than not we use the bath, book and bed method but sometimes..

    .. a little help is needed..

    Bloom and Blossom has a little collection of sweetly scented sprays and oils that can help aid a restful sleep, made with 99% naturally derived products with one single purpose and that is sleep, originally these were sent to be during lockdown but due to being really busy with homeschooling and finding it hard to juggle my blog and everything else, I put the products to one side. until recently when my youngest asked what they were and we started to use them.

    The spray mist is as it sounds a little spray bottle with franinsence, rose flower water and linden blossom to help create a calming area in bed, you gently spray a few pumps onto their pillow or your pillow, wait for it to dry slightly and then snuggle down and sleep, I was Impressed, I found it calming as did Robin who now asks for it every bedtime to help her, however I believe much like the infamous Sleepy and their apparent sleep magical powers, having that wonderful routine during bed helps sleep far greater than you think.

    I love the smell of it, while yes I am a little sceptical I do believe that some essential oils can help aid sleep, lavender for example is wonderful for headaches and is a fantastic sleep aid, and being engulfed in a cloud of calming smells will relax anybody, also its 100% vegan and cruelty free and you know how important that is for me.

    Along with the spray there is a shower oil and a dry body oil that are all designed with the same idea in mind, getting calm and relaxed ready for sleep, with different scents and oils which I think is a good thing as you can find yourself being overwhelmed by the same scents time and again with both bath and bed time products.

    I have enjoyed every product that I get from Bloom and Blossom, I have even purchased my own from stores to have at home which is always a good sign that they are well loved and enjoyed, I wish I had used these during lockdown as I just didnt sleep at all while worrying about the state of the world..

    .. I guess I can use them in lockdown 2.0!!

    Disclaimer – Product was sent to me for review purposes only, I am a Brand Ambassador and receive these products to test and share on my blog, no links are affiliated, I was not paid to share this product.


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    1. November 17, 2020 / 10:06 am

      I love the sound of these and fully believe that scents, oils, flowers etc have incredible properties! I’m not struggling to sleep right now – I’m actually struggling to wake up! But I think going to sleep to these gorgeous scents is so relaxing xxx

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