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    Happy 1st of December!

    what better way to celebrate the fact that Christmas is on the way by sharing with you all the Christmas products from Lush, evert year they celebrate the festive season with bringing out some delightfully scented products and this year is snow different (see what I did there?)

    Along with their usual Snow Fairy which is a staple product for anyone who is a big lushie like myself, they also have some other slightly minty scented things to add to your bath too. Candy Cane which is a reusable bubble bar was one of the first ones I added to my basket along with the lip scrub, having found myself addicted to the Toffee Apple lip scrub of autumn I had to give this one a try and I love it, I have a little thing for sweet scented mint products and as The Body Shop has yet to bring back their candy cane line, I am going for lush. Also in the bubble bar front I got the Polar Bear Plunge which I believe I got last year but not sure, which also follows the minty theme, lets just say my hallway smelt amazing when this box turned up at my door.

    On top the bath bombs, I believe I’ve said before but I am more of a bubble bar than a bath bomb girl but my daughter Amelia loves a good bath bomb so I splurged and got her a few to try out in the bath, Angels Delight fills up the bath with some very christmasy scents of oranges and tangerines that turns the water pink and orange, Snowman Dreaming which is a lovely mix of lavender and creates a rainbow of bath time fun, I am going to save this one for Christmas Eve when its time to settle down and watch our traditional Christmas movie Muppets Christmas Carol and hot chocolate on tap and lastly Shoot for the Stars which has been a part of the lush family for a while but I never got around to trying it out, but now I can turn my bathwater into a beautiful blue shade with stars that fizz along separately from the bomb itself.

    I actually cannot wait to try this one myself and I am going to save it for boxing day when I am on my own so I can relax away the stress of the day before.

    I also got some small bottles of Yog Nog which to my surprise has maple syrup in it which gives it such a sweet scent and is full of plastic free glitter to create a fun and sparkly shower time and Roasting Chestnuts on an Open Fire which I actually handed over to my boyfriend to use, it has a marzipan smell to it which is Christmas in a bottle if you ask me.

    I love lush at Christmas time, i am all for the minty scented beauties that I am more than happy to cover myself in, what has been your favourite product brought out by lush this season? mine still has to be snow fairy, so much so I did order another large bottle… I am addicted haha.


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    1. May 1, 2021 / 7:02 am

      Christmastime at Lush is one of my favourite times. I always count down to their collection being released so I can treat myself to some. I tend to go for bath bombs but will definitely be picking up some of their other items this year.

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