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    With December finally being here I decided to go back to my roots when it came to blogging and share with you, my monthly goals.

    I am pretty useless when it comes to completing my monthly goals and even following through with doing a full year of monthly goals, I blame my mental health taking a little beating during the summer and lockdown, but here I am ready to share

    • Relax – I am not going to stress too much this month, I have been worried and a little stressed in November and I am not going to let December ruin things for me, life is too short to stress about pointless things
    • Watch More Movies – I have been gaming a lot lately and I want to try and spend my evenings when my children go to bed to relax in front of a film.
    • Improve my blog – My blog took a little beating a while back, because I changed my url my Domain Authority changed and I have been struggling to get it back to where it was before the change, however I am going to use this month to properly work on it and make some sort of dent
    • Comment on more blogs –  I love reading other peoples blogs but I am forever forgetting to comment on them, so I am going to make it my goal to comment on every blog I read.
    • Enjoy my Children – I get so wrapped up with looking after them that I often overlook spending time with them. I am on my own and find it so hard to juggle everything but I want to make sure they know I love them and that I can be a fun mummy sometimes.

    Simple goals, I didn’t want to give myself some that I couldn’t follow but I feel like I gave myself enough to handle this month, coupled with the sheer hell that is December and Christmas time, I hope to achieve some of these goals.

    I am trying extremely hard to work on juggling everything on my own at once and have finally found the time to blog, be a mummy, clean the home, be in a relationship and everything else on top of it all. for a little while I was so overwhelmed but now going into a new month and soon a new year, I expect things to become so much easier.

    What are your goals this month?

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