• Little Box Massive Impact // Sustainable living with Save Money Cut Carbon // Review

    This year has been all about finding a way to be more sustainable and help reduce our carbon footprint. This little box from Save Money Cut Carbon is a fantastic way to try and add more sustainable products into our every day lives and help the planet that we live on.

    The website itself was set up to create easy access to some of the big brands who are also big on clean living, they provide for not only business but for homes as well so you can purchase through their website for product to help create a more green living space.

    Joining their club will give you access to price matches on any of their products, if you find it cheaper they will price match it, a free swap box full of items that you can swap existing products in your daily lives, I for one love the bamboo plasters, free products whenever you make your first order through the website, exclusive products and so much more.

    There are two types of club memberships that you can apply for, one is for trade and one is for the home, the one that I received which was kindly gifted is a home club membership and swap box which also contains a bamboo tooth brush which I adore.

    I find things like this fascinating, purely because it opens up a whole new world to people who sometimes aren’t aware of what exactly can be done to help our planet and help with reducing carbon, and with the home club membership being 4.99 a month I think its something worth the price.

    We are all trying to look after our wonderful home known as planet earth and I think that it is so important to not only learn but teach about how to change the way we live, reducing plastic waste, using more reusable products and even included in my box are some compostable bags perfect for kitchen waste that goes into our little green bins.

    You can find the Sustainable Swap Box and lots of other important information on SaveMoneyCutCarbon‘s website and learn more about how you can change the way we live and just how important it is to reduce plastic and start living a more sustainable life.

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