• Getting Our Tree from Larkins Farm // Review // Christmas 2020

    Finding our Christmas tree this year was always going to be a task, due to Covid 19 and the fact that England was once again in a lighter version of lockdown, I was extremely worried that we wouldn’t get one.

    However through the children’s’ school and a wonderful email that they sent out that gave us all a 20% discount code for a local Christmas tree seller, I was feeling a lot more relaxed in the knowledge that our dream Christmas would be coming true after all.

    Larkins Farm which is located right in the middle of Epping and Chelmsford, I had no idea there was one there or that they offered a delivery to your door services, but with the fact that we couldn’t actually go out and get the tree, I decided to order one from them thanks to the schools discount code.

    After thinking it through and talking with my children we decided on going for a much smaller but longer lasting potted tree, going with a 4 foot tree that would end up in the garden when we finally move sounded like a perfect idea for us, while we would of course continue getting trees inside the house, I will have one sat outside perfect for us to decorate in lights in years to come.

    Once I had made my order, which was nice and easy I booked it to arrive on the 2nd of December  as that is the usual day when I prepare our decorations and get the house ready for Christmas, once the day arrived I was so excited but slightly nervous as I didnt really have any tracking information to follow while we waited for the tree to arrive, I was worried I would miss the delivery due to school runs so I contacted them on facebook and thankfully they are so kind and had great communication regarding it all, all I had to do was wait inside for it to arrive.

    It arrived quickly and safely wrapped up in its little tree condom, the delivery man explained to not full it from the top as it had been repotted so I slowly dragged it into the front room and into the place where I had been instructed to place it from Amelia, right by the television, unwrapped it and left it to drop before wrapping it in lights ready for decoration.

    I am so delighted with my little potted tree, and I am so glad I decided to go with Larkins Farm, while it did take away the fun of going to a tree farm and selecting our own, this keeps us safe and avoiding contact with others who aren’t as careful as I am when it comes to social distancing. The tree is beautiful, I love the size and the shape is perfect.

    I cannot fault Larkins farm, for their fantastic communication and the fact that they offered schools a discount code to knock off a few pennies to help spread the cost this Christmas as we all know too well just how hard this year is going to be for some people.

    I am so happy with my tree, my children love the tree too and as you can probably guess it, so do the cats!

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    1. Rachel
      December 6, 2020 / 5:45 pm

      Your tree is beautiful. 😀

    2. December 10, 2020 / 8:30 am

      Cute tree! I’m sure you’ll have a merry Christmas with your family with gifts underneath it.

    3. December 10, 2020 / 9:07 am

      Such a cool tree! I’ve never had a real one but hopefully when I get my own house and get out of a tiny apartment I’ll be able to get one. Larkins farm sounds great!

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