• Frozen Unicorns // The Hilarious Game of Silly Statues // Review

    Frozen Unicorns from Gamely Games is a fun and easy game for children to pick up, learn and play for 3 or more players, the aim of the game is you, the guesser has to guess what the others have picked up from the pack of cards.

    The players need to select the cards from either pack of easy, medium or hard cards that all have a different animal or person on the back of it, while they are selecting their cards from the pile you either turn around or close your eyes, after everyone apart from you, the guesser has seen their cards count down from 5 and on 1 shout ‘FREEZE!’ which will indicate to the players that it is time to stand still, similar to musical statues, in the poses that they have on the card for example; Frozen Kangaroo.

    Once you have shouted freeze the players cannot move or make any sounds and you then have three chances to guess what they are, once you have guessed correctly or if in fact all three of your guesses have been used up, your turn as Guesser ends and another persons turn to have a go.

    The sillier the pose, the better!

    Each card level has different points to be scored, easy cards are ‘one’, the medium is ‘two’ and hard is ‘three’, if they happen to guess the poses correctly, they will gain the points. During the round the guesser gets to also pick their favourite statue, like I said the sillier the better and the funnier the pose, they get a point. Once one of you gets seven points, finish the round so everyone has had the same amount of turns and whoever has the most points at the end wins the game.

    There are many different modes that you can play, depending on the age of the players, with younger players being able to unfreeze and move around allowing the guesser some extra clues to what they have on their card but for only three seconds and Lazy Unicorns which is perfect to play after dinner when you are full of food and just can’t move from the coma that’s been induced.

    How we did:

    Considering that one of us who was playing didn’t fully understand the rules we had so much fun playing the game, the point system was easy to follow for the other children and once we managed to get one extra person it was a fun game, however, the hard cards felt almost impossible to do so we stuck with medium and easy, the concept of freezing in position without making any sounds to what clue you’ve picked was pretty fun to attempt, and some of them required extra clues to help get the answer.

    All in all this was such a fun little party game that I can see being hilarious after a few pink gins to relax those nerves and we are defiantly going to be playing this game come Christmas day with the family getting involved, I expect however there are going to be lots of Lazy Unicorns after dinner.

    I really recommend this as it was a fun stocking filler for those who love a good round of charades with family or friends however due to the number of cards it won’t be long before you know all the answers but with the fact that the hard cards are indeed hard the playability is longer than you expect.

    You can find Frozen Unicorns on the GamelyGames website along with other fun party games.


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