• Christmas Eve and Tier 4 // Christmas.

    I had so many posts, so many ideas and plans and suddenly my county plus London was plunged into tier 4 which basically put every single plan we had basically down the toilet.

    Our original plan was to head to my mum’s house, bake things and eat chips, thankfully we can do two of those but going to my mum on Christmas eve has always been my routine since having the children, but once we knew we could no longer be with three family bubbles.

    Everything changed.

    How I feel is completely deflated, I’ve shared my feelings on my Twitter about how I just feel so utterly… blah about it all, we all sort of knew this was going to happen but you still cannot help feel down about it but I didn’t want to also just not post anything before i switch off and take a break until January.

    I truly hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas whatever and whoever you have it with and that you all stay safe and stay at home.

    Happy Christmas.

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