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    Another year is over, time to get the champagne out and sing in another new year of fun and hopefully no more social distancing.

    Looking back at my last year’s goals I can safely say that a lot of what I wanted to do did not happen, I didn’t go to any events, I most defiantly haven’t been able to pass my driving test and you bet your butt that I haven’t moved yet but I have found love, so that’s something.

    This year has been a complete up and down year, there has been a lot happening in my personal life that I cannot and will not mention here but I am hopeful that in the new year things will be sorted and I won’t have to stress about it too much anymore. There is a quote from the TV show The Act which I feel is perfect for the current situation I am under and agree with it wholeheartedly.

    But I am trying to keep my head held high with it all and not worry too much, as worrying often leads to anxiety and I’ve had that under control for such a long time now that I don’t want anything to upset it.

    I have however managed to get out a little more, despite covid I’ve visited London a lot more than I used too on days out with not only my children but Neil as well which is a huge step for me as I am not much of a trains fan being that I am terrified of them.

    In 2021 I really would love to continue the theme of travelling around England, covid permitting of course as for all we know we could be thrown back into another lockdown after Christmas, I want to be able to get out with my children and my boyfriend together which would be an experience that’s for sure.

    Thanks to the lockdown of this year I’ve learnt my love for homeschooling my children, I also feel that lockdown and being stuck together has really made our bond so much stronger than its ever been and this years summer was perfect and full of fun, we actually went out to the seaside with my mum, managed to get to the local town park and made the most of being aloud outside for more than once, although it has been a little muted due to covid, Kai and I went to the Natural History Museum together for some much-needed one on one time and had planned to go into London again but unfortunately the second lockdown happened so things changed.

    As Christmas got closer we got thrown into a brand new tier and now pretty much any plans or hopes I sort of made myself went completely out the window, Christmas plans changed from having my mum, dad and step mum over to just having my boyfriend who is my support bubble, which was full of fun and food and of course stress.

    I don’t really have any goals for this year, I just want to be able to take each day as it comes as realistically there isn’t much we can do, however, I do have a few blogging goals, of course, that id love to reach as I enter a new year of content.

    • Talk to new brands
    • Improve my photography skills and be better at editing photos
    • Blog more consistently

    Not a lot I know but with the trending topics on Twitter at the minute about closing the stores I don’t want to push anything in case I am back homeschooling three children again, I just have hope that I can continue writing and sharing my life with you in the years to come, as my old URL ‘MummyCatNotes’ was created in May 2016 this blog and its history will be turning five years old next year.. five years of me ranting to the world.


    But for now, from me and my children, cats and Neil.. I wish you all a wonderful new year, while I know it’s going to be similar to the last, we can at least hope that by the end of it, we may be able to see our family again at Christmas 2021.

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