• Why the silence?…


    I didn’t really go anywhere, I guess you can see that my old social media’s that had been connected to my blog got deleted and removed, purely for privacy reasons and trying to remove images of my children off social media as I believe and have always believed in keeping their privacy intact.

    There was one thing however while I went on a small hiatus, which is something that occurs often when I stop doing things that I love and enjoy and that’s just how much I missed writing, photography and blogging. My fingers have been itching to get back to my website again and share my world with the wonderful wide web again.

    So… what’s been happening I hear you not ask, surprisingly a few things have happened. During the course of the majority of this year England has been locked down, during that time Ive done practically bugger all besides home school children, feed children, entertain children, play video games and spending time with Neil. Which has been a wild time of stress and to be honest, lots of laughs giving that I am atrociously bad at maths so brought in some slave labour in the form of my boyfriend to help!!

    But with lockdown easing, my beautiful children back at school and Neil back to work; life is slowly going back to normal and therefor I needed to go back to normal, first and foremost after much thinking and missing it, I turned my blog back from private to public (while having some HTTPS issues that got sorted thanks to my server provider and it’s back and slightly outdated.

    For one, I am now 35, it was my birthday in April, I had a relatively good day, I had cake and lots of lovely gifts and it went by a bit like a blur, I always never make a huge deal about my birthday since becoming a parent, my babies birthdays are far more important in my eyes, however I had a nice day, also my eldest turned 11 and my youngest turned 5 which has unfortunately made me feel 105 rather than 35 but never mind.

    Speaking of my eldest, Kai, he got into his first choice secondary school which I am overjoyed about, I was awake at midnight waiting on the website to see if he had the place as I simply couldn’t sleep until that point. Being a parent is bloody stressful that’s for sure!

    And I guess to finish off this post, share with you some news which I cannot believe is happening, it’s still early days as I am still waiting for paperwork to get filed, we have a house!! Due to my eldest now being 11 it is, in the eyes of the very council that houses us, illegal for him to share a bedroom with his sister, the less said about Harlow council the better but over the course of first, second and third lockdown they closed their housing list bidding system despite the fact people can view and move during each one, which pretty much left us at the bottom of the housing list.. I got tired and started asking housing letting agencies for homes and last Wednesday I had a callback for one! I am extremely stressed and it’s not doing my anxiety any good because it’s probably going to be tough to start with but we need this, and I cannot wait to get out of this hell hole of a flat which we should’ve gotten out 5 years ago!

    A really good start to 2021 for us, I have a plan for the future too with hopefully living with Neil (and having a house full of Funko Pops haha!) but for now it’s a good start to a much better future for me and my babies…. plus cats..

    Hope you are all doing well. I’ve missed my blog world!

    All the best


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    1. April 30, 2021 / 10:22 am

      I’m glad you’re feeling recharged. I also feel a bit unispired due to pandemic
      to find ideas for my travel blog so I totally understand you..

    2. April 30, 2021 / 10:45 am

      I’m pleased you’ve managed to get those itchy writing fingers back to what they do well, writing and sharing your writings.

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