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    As you probably know if you’ve read my blog recently is that I have moved home, However I have a small plan for the future with my partner Neil and I wanted to share some of them with you. Hopefully some of my plans for moving home will inspire you to think of your own.

    F U T U R E  P L A N S

    When we do move in together than plan is to buy the house, at the moment I am renting a property, I have gone from a council house to private renting and now my decorating is limited. Which isnt to much of a big deal; however I used to have a lovely green features wall where my photos sat and I cannot do that now. I honestly miss my green wall in the living room, for now I am making do with accessories.

    Being able to make your home yours is a big thing for me. It adds personality into the blank canvas that is a new home, and while moving home can be incredibly stressful there is nothing I enjoy more than preparing and planning room designs and plans. The excitement of moving home to this blank canvas space is wonderful and I am constantly on Pinterest looking for ideas.

    Kitchen and Dining room; Since I’ve moved I now have a separate living room and dining room which is connected to the kitchen. I like the idea of having the separate rooms. Not that I expect another lock down to occur but the fact that I had to home school the children up the table in the living room meant that one child couldn’t just watch something while the others worked. Having separate rooms helps keep one lot working and another entertained.

    Conservatory and double glazing; One of the big things I truly want when I own my home is a conservatory, growing up I have always enjoyed them in my mum’s garden or my aunts, having a lovely sun room is perfect for summer days when its just too hot and I need shade fast, there are lots of different styles as well depending on what you want Orangeries which is like an extension of your house or the more traditional ones.

    A pond and lots of water features; I have an addiction to water features, I have been looking at getting some for my rented homes garden and maybe an above ground pond but there is something about planning and preparing for a lovely cottage style pond in the garden full of plants and fish. I think my love for ponds and water features is due to my general love for wildlife and water.

    A space for funko pops; Neil has a lot of funko pops, if you dont know what a funko pop is (where have you been living?) they are small models of different TV shows, comic books or movies that people collect and.. well he has a lot of them. I have a few too but not as many as he does. So I think a nice space for them would be perfect.

    Lava lamps and neon lights; When we first planned on going into this rented house I had a plan to put neon signs up in the children’s bedrooms. The original plan was to find somewhere that I could get their names done but that turned out to be expensive but I found a cheaper alternative which was simple design signs that I found on amazon. One day I hope to have their names in lights.

    Cosy spaces for cats and dogs; I think its obvious I have cats, and of course they need their own homes and hidey holes around the house, I have been looking at these amazing cat trees that are literally made of a tree that look so stylish and stunning. And Neil of course on occasion looks after his parents dogs. They would need their own places to hide from the world.


    All in all I have so many ideas, every day I am coming up with new plans for even my rented place and if only money wasn’t an option I would make all my dreams a reality. Its only fair that a girl can dream about moving home into a beautiful cottage somewhere, lots of space for my children and whatever the future might bring.

    Must start doing the lottery!!!

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