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    Six weeks off for the summer holidays can either go two ways; you make plenty of plans and they all go well. Or things just go wrong. Making summer holiday plans on a budget is one of the things I always strive to do.  However being on a budget doesn’t mean that the plans you make cannot be fun, enjoyable and full of memories.

    P L A N S  O N  A  B U D G E T

    • Subscription Boxes – I always adore subscription boxes and the fact that they come through your letterbox once a month is an added bonus during the months of the summer holidays. My children and I receve the Mud and Bloom box which is all things garden and nature. We get the Sibling Box which has lots of things to do with the three children.
    • Trips to the Seaside – We always go to the seaside for day trips, Great Yarmouth is a fantastic place to visit for the children. Recently my children and I went to Mersea island for the day and it was great fun to explore, despite the weather.
    • Visiting RHS gardens – This one is slightly more pricey however a day out at a lovely garden in the sunshine could be a special treat. But it doesnt take away from the fact its a fantastic day out and 100% worth the price.
    • Getting a National Trust Membership – Having a National Trust Membership is a handy thing to help you gain access to 500 places for free for £10 a month.
    • Walking around local woods and forests –  Where I live in Harlow I am close to lots of lovely woodlands and there is only a short drive to the local forest in Epping. If the weather is on your side it can be a lovely day out to explore and create dens. We often go for a walk to the woods nearby and stay for the afternoon. Also check out your local nature reserves and support them too.
    • Visit local farms that are open to the public – Many farms here in Essex have open days and are also open to the public. One such place is Cammas Hall that we visit either during the summer for strawberries or during autumn to get our pumpkins.
    • Free pools and splash parks – In our town, each area of the town has parks which during the summer months once the children break up from school they have their paddling pools filled up. Its a wonderful use of the space and its a great way to have a day out for free.
    • Game Nights – We dont do this enough, however sometimes we will sit down either on the xbox or up the table and play silly games together.
    • Movie Nights – Same as game night, once a week my children and I plan a evening when everyone goes to bed a bit later than usual, get our PJ’s on and watch a movie we haven’t seen. Currently we are working on all the Disney films we haven’t seen. Get some snacks and snuggle up for a lovely evening in.
    • Crafting Projects – My house is full of craft projects, Whenever I go shopping I always check out the cheap craft section to see if I can find anything for us to make at home, lets just say, We have alot!
    • Visit Museums – For us its a small train ride into central london to reach the museums, which are free to visit, at the moment you need to book a slot due to covid but I feel thats an improvement. I cant wait to take a trip into London again and visit the museums.
    • Go for a bike ride – We dont have bikes, however we do have scooters and while I wish I had my own to keep up with them, they love going out for walks with their scooters.
    • Go on a pokemon go hunt – Pokemon Go is still big in my house, now that Neil plays it too I am using it a lot more. During lockdown last year we used our hours exercise to go find pokemon and visit stops and gyms.
    • Bake something yummy – Who can resist home baked goodies. I get asked all the time to bake cookies or fairy cakes. Amelia my middle child loves to help out with the cooking and baking and then Robin helps me ice and decorate them.


    What fun and budget friendly plans do you have for this summer holidays?

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    1. August 16, 2021 / 6:42 pm

      These are great plans to do on a budget, I have friends who have children of their own and they’ll always trying to find something for them to do during the Summer holidays x

      Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

    2. August 17, 2021 / 6:41 pm

      I agree with you, we can make fun plans and be on a budget as well. It’s crazy how fast time flies. We need to make the most of the rest of the summer.

    3. August 18, 2021 / 6:44 am

      These are great! I didn’t realise you live in Harlow, we’ve got friends there who we visited just recently. There’s lots of lovely things to do there, but like you say it can be quite pricey! We’re National Trust members & absolutely swear by it. For us we’d made the money back on the membership SO quickly! It’s such a great thing to do on weekends. I really like the idea of games nights too! We don’t do this often enough! Although yesterday we must have spent a good couple of hours doing jigsaw puzzles with our daughter, it was lovely.


    4. August 18, 2021 / 3:51 pm

      Crafting projects are definitely amazing, and taking advantage of country parks near you too!

    5. Alice Spake
      August 19, 2021 / 6:57 pm

      Oh you have so many great ideas for the summer! We usually make a bucket list but with the baby due so soon we’re staying close to home. Hope you have a great summer

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