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    Its that time of the year again, when the shops are full of uniform for the new term and there is lots of brand new books, bags and shoes being paid for by anxious parents. This year for my children and I, Back to school is a little more hectic for us as my oldest child, Kai is off to secondary school.

    It is safe to say we are nervous but excited and honestly cannot wait for him to start this new big stepping stone in life into secondary education and hopefully future learning. But the one thing that’s really helped us this year is being prepared. And I cannot stress this enough to you, being prepared is so important.

    For my younger daughters, Amelia and Robin they are going back to their primary school but thankfully neither child has grown that much so therefor their uniform from last year fits perfectly this year, I have of course had to grab some new white shirts but other than that, its been easy.

    B A C K   T O  S C H O O L

    Back to school tips come and go each year, I always try to follow a few of them that I know are tried and test by myself during my 6 years of school runs. Here are a few of mine that I hope you also do yourself but if you dont then perhaps you might include them in the week before BACK TO SCHOOL!!

    • Label everything – So many companies at the moment are selling stamps or stickers that are perfect for this task at hand, gone are the days of hastily writing their names on the uniform and in my case, forgetting to do the naming! TinyMe is the company we went for this year and thanks to their daily letters I managed to get Amelia’s school stickers for free and only paying postage!
    • Start the routine early – I think we can all agree that sometimes getting back into the early morning starts can be a little bit hard for us all when we’ve had six weeks to essentially forget. What I tend to do with my children is start the routine a week earlier, I make sure they’re up and dressed before 9 am (with protests of course) but it works!
    • Always be ready for emotions – They’ve had six weeks off, in children’s terms it is a long time, they’ve had fun with friends, been on holiday and enjoyed lots of uninterrupted you time. You have to make sure they know that you will be there for them at pick up ready for that hug.
    • Get started with some studying – I’ve started this already with some basic writing and reading with my youngest, she can read pretty well but because they essentially stop doing the six weeks they get a little rusty. In the evenings when I read her a bedtime story I encourage her to read the words if they aren’t too difficult for her.
    • No pressure – I think we all know just how nerve wracking back to school can be, by letting the children know that there is no pressure, no expectations on the first day they should hopefully not worry to much on the first day back
    • Have their favorite meal in the evening – Its something for them to look forward to, knowing once they’re home they’ll have a meal they love to fill their bellies. Its a perfect opportunity to talk about their day and allow them to relax
    • Take that back to school photo – A must in my house, I have taken one for every year my children have been in education from preschool to now, Hopefully my 11 year old will allow me to take his this year. Its a wonderful thing to watch them grow throughout the years, I take one at the start and we all love comparing them at the end of term.


    No matter how old my children are, We all enjoy the period of back to school. They cannot wait to see their friends again, see their teachers and just go back to normal and have fun. I am so grateful to have three children who enjoy school and as they grow they seem to enjoy it more.

    Wishing you all a smooth back to school for the new Autumn term of 2021! hopefully no more Covid eh?

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