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    Good day to all who may read this post! Welcome back to another fun and exciting monthly goals. Due to the fact that my MacBook decided to break on me these goals have unfortunately been published a little later than expected but no matter, I wanted to once again share with you what I hope to achieve this month in September Monthly Goals.

    But oh well!

    Last monthly goals I set myself some tasks that I hoped to achieve, not all of them happened but I don’t look at them as goals ‘I must do’ rather than goals I aim to hit but its not much of an issue if I dont hit them. This months goals are similar but a little different, and of course once again they are goals that if I dont hit them all its no biggy!!

    S E P T E M B E R  M O N T H  G O A L S

    • Be more adventurous – The goal for this month is now that my three children are back at school to go out a lot more on my own or with Neil. I am a notorious homebody and love being local and at home but I want to get out and explore.
    • Prepare for Blogtober – It is coming, and it won’t be long before I regret my choice in doing it but I am going to be attempting blogtober, I have many posts planned but not written yet so with back to school I am going to use my time to get that sorted WHILE preparing and writing posts for this month too.
    • Use my phone less – like everyone I use my phone a lot, I want to try and not use it as much as I do during the day as its a real productivity destroyer.
    • Get more creative – We have so many craft projects to do in my home that need to be done. I mean how many of us buy these craft kits and never use them? I of course will be sharing these on my twitter or instagram. so watch out for some failed projects heh


    And that’s really it, I am of course squeezing all these in with my usual everyday schedule of housework and being a busy mummy so I always make sure that my September monthly goals are doable to the best of my ability.

    September is going to be a fantastic little month with the fact that my eldest has just started secondary school, we are all so proud of how well he’s coping with it despite my anxiety about what I dealt with in secondary school. And the girls are back at primary school in year 5 and 1, Moments like this make me extremely emotional but that’s the sad reality of having children, they do not stay tiny little helpless babies for long.

    S O C I A L  M E D I A  G O A L S

    Same as before; I am really close to hitting 200 on twitter, I almost wish I never deleted my old twitter but due to some stalkers I needed to remove it. LOOONG story that I won’t get into. and I am only a few away from 400 on my instagram too, but what I’ve learnt is that Instagram is extremely hard to grow on these days.

    Domain Authority is slowly getting better, but that’s something that will of course increase in time.

    Twitter – 200 followers

    Instagram – 400 followers

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