• Back to School Tips // Parenting

    Its that time of the year again, when the shops are full of uniform for the new term and there is lots of brand new books, bags and shoes being paid for by anxious parents. This year for my children and I, Back to school is a little more hectic for us as my oldest child, Kai is off to secondary school. It is safe to say we are nervous but excited and honestly cannot wait for him to start this new big stepping stone in life into secondary education and hopefully future learning. But the one thing that’s really helped us this year is being prepared. And I cannot stress this enough to you, being prepared is so important. For my younger daughters, Amelia and Robin they are going back to their primary school but thankfully neither child has grown that much so therefor their uniform from last year fits perfectly this year, I have of course had to grab some new white shirts but other than that, its been easy. B A C K   T O  S C H O O L Back to school tips come and go each year, I always try to follow a few… View Post

    Summer Holiday Plans on a Budget // Parenting

    Six weeks off for the summer holidays can either go two ways; you make plenty of plans and they all go well. Or things just go wrong. Making summer holiday plans on a budget is one of the things I always strive to do.  However being on a budget doesn’t mean that the plans you make cannot be fun, enjoyable and full of memories. P L A N S  O N  A  B U D G E T Subscription Boxes – I always adore subscription boxes and the fact that they come through your letterbox once a month is an added bonus during the months of the summer holidays. My children and I receve the Mud and Bloom box which is all things garden and nature. We get the Sibling Box which has lots of things to do with the three children. Trips to the Seaside – We always go to the seaside for day trips, Great Yarmouth is a fantastic place to visit for the children. Recently my children and I went to Mersea island for the day and it was great fun to explore, despite the weather. Visiting RHS gardens – This one is slightly more pricey however… View Post

    Saying Goodbye to our Pumpkins // Parenting

    Last year we didn’t get around to doing this, I had seen it everywhere on my facebook of taking the old pumpkins and popping them down in the woods for the creatures to come and eat them. I however handed them over to my mum who took them for her garden. This year I couldn’t pass the chance to do it ourselves, limited to the location in which we could put them we decided that the little woods near our play park would be best fit and of course giving the children a chance to play on the swings after we dropped them off. The RSPCA shares that pumpkins are good for all the local wildlife in England, given that this time of year when the weather turns cold and all the fruit is slowly falling out of the apple trees, its always best to use what you can for wildlife. according to the RSPCA badgers, foxes, squirrels and birds all very much enjoy pumpkins and other fruits similar (yes its a fruit) and also The Woodland Trust shares that our mini beasts enjoy the fruity insides as well. In a day of age where the number one thing on… View Post

    Labour in One Word // Parenting

    Looking back on my memories from when I had my three children, the one thing that stands out to me with each of them just how different their labour and deliveries were. Labour is one of the first exciting steps into motherhood, its a hard and stressful time full of pain and worries but in the end the outcome is most of the time positive with a baby at the end and a love no one ever truly understands unless they feel it for themselves. ** Life long – We do forget, thats for sure, the pain goes away and once that fresh new baby is in our arms everything is swiftly forgotten but the one thing that remains is the memory of the moment a new life is handed to you, fresh from the womb that you created over nine months, the waiting has come to an end and it the start of a brand new chapter. Acceptance – Things change, our bodies change and with that we need to accept that our role has changed completely. we are no longer a wife or a girlfriend, we are a mother, accepting that sometimes things go wrong with for an… View Post

    Lockdown One Month In // Parenting

    In my previous post I shared what we are longing for and cannot wait to do once COVID 19 ends but I thought what more exciting than share with you what we have been getting up to while in lockdown and what fun things we’ve done with homeschooling. That one month certainly went buy extremely slowly but my children and I have managed to fill it with fun things, taking our daily walk around the local woods to spot birds and bluebells, and of course cracking on with home schooling. H O M E  S C H O O L I N G I will be honest, I was a little scared about doing this in the beginning, while I am trained to work with children in the early years setting I was so excited and nervous that I wouldn’t be up to the task, but with the help from Mrs Mactivity and advice, set work and projects from the school teachers, its been a breeze. The children have worked through worksheets sourced by myself and via the school and I have also done a few things off my own back such as growing a garlic from a sprouting clove that… View Post