• Christmas at Lush // Beauty // Christmas 2020.

    Happy 1st of December! what better way to celebrate the fact that Christmas is on the way by sharing with you all the Christmas products from Lush, evert year they celebrate the festive season with bringing out some delightfully scented products and this year is snow different (see what I did there?) Along with their usual Snow Fairy which is a staple product for anyone who is a big lushie like myself, they also have some other slightly minty scented things to add to your bath too. Candy Cane which is a reusable bubble bar was one of the first ones I added to my basket along with the lip scrub, having found myself addicted to the Toffee Apple lip scrub of autumn I had to give this one a try and I love it, I have a little thing for sweet scented mint products and as The Body Shop has yet to bring back their candy cane line, I am going for lush. Also in the bubble bar front I got the Polar Bear Plunge which I believe I got last year but not sure, which also follows the minty theme, lets just say my hallway smelt amazing when this… View Post

    Bomb Dot Com Jolie Beauty Palette // Beauty

    Who doesn’t love glitter? I mean I know I do, I am a little bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny things and the wonderful sparkly palette from Jolie Beauty ‘Bomb Dot Com’ is a stunning collection of sparkly delights ready for some Christmas party. Jolie Beauty are going after my own glitter mad heart here with this stunning glitter palette, given that all their products are cruelty free and vegan and while the glitter itself should not be flushed down the drain it is cosmetic grade and safe for your skin, However they have hosted and supported many animal charities and events and help work awareness towards the importance of not testing on animals. The palette itself is absolutely stunning, fairing from bright and bold shades to more subdued shades, with mixtures of holographic, iridescent and multi hue shades that shift when you move. The formula is pretty good as well, it goes on soft and relies a gentle touch to apply onto your skin but once its on and in place the glitter doesn’t go anywhere and looks beautiful, thankfully as well it doesn’t irritate my skin or do I notice that I am wearing something… View Post

    Snow Fairy Season is Here!! // Beauty

    It is indeed the most wonderful time of year, well almost the most wonderful time of year, its when Lush brings back the sweetest scented beauty that is Snow Fairy! But what has changed this year, besides the usual shower gel and body spray, is some new delight to enjoy bath time with and thus launches us right into another one of my little lush hauls. One of the greatest things I was very excited about finding out was probably the second I walked into the store, to find a Snow Fairy bubble bar! which are hands down my favourite products from lush. Having a bath in the middle of bright pink waters and sweet scented bubbles is always something I wanted and now add that with a Snow Fairy shampoo bar, I do feel like by the end of the year when this lovely scent goes away I will be sick to my back teeth of snow fairy but as it only comes once a year then I will make the most of it and top it all off with a bath bomb, which I feel was available last year. Now I realise not everyone is keen on Snow… View Post

    What I got from Lush // Beauty

    I love lush, and since we’ve been stuck inside Ive missed the ability to go to a store and grab some beautifully scented bath products. thankfully Lush is delivering orders placed online so of course I had to place an order, I shared before what I got from them in a previous haul post and I always enjoy sharing what I treated myself too. And what better than having a lovely Lush order apart from getting the chance to share with you what I got in a little haul post, little isn’t the world I would describe this of course, but I know a lot of people love seeing and hearing about bath and beauty products so here we go. B A T H  B O M B S Not being the biggest bath bomb lover, recently Ive started to really enjoy them, I am somewhat addicted to watching bath cocktail cuttings and mixings on instagram so I tend to add a bath bomb to an already bubbly bath to create a further mix of fun in the tub. The bombs that I picked are all a complete mixture, I wanted to find some that my children could enjoy so… View Post

    AD // Wheesht Masks // Vegan Skincare // Review

    Finding the right skincare and facial products is always a tough one for me, my skin is very temperamental, occasionally it boarders on very oily but lately I’ve noticed that its been extremely dry and frankly horrible. My go to for clearing up those dry spots have been coconut oil but I was given the opportunity to try out Wheesht Masks. Wheesht Masks are a wonderful little skincare company that are trying to make a difference, they are vegan and therefor cruelty free which is something I look for in skincare, what I love the most about these wonderful products is that they get the ‘kelly test’ which is just as it sounds, the product is tested on its founder to make sure the product is perfect and that no animals besides Kelly, is harmed in the making process. Coming in beautiful little glass bottles which are perfect for reuse and to help reduce our plastic usage which is also something I am really big on the minute and easy for recycling as its always important to take care of your planet as well as your skin. The Balancing Day Cream, which is a daily moisturiser that helps improve skin… View Post